Some green ideas

Tea at Tea & Cookies has some nice green ideas for food storage, soap replacement, and other simple means of greening your living over at this post.

If you have other suggestions or links, please post and/or link them in comments and I will do a roundup post in a week or two, along with re-running the few green posts I’ve written.

A few people noted the links were incorrect; I’ve fixed them.  Thanks, all sarcastic (Janet!) and other pointer-outers.


5 thoughts on “Some green ideas

  1. Cranky

    Either my computer isn’t feeling up to snuff this morning, or I don’t think the links you have here are the one’s you think they are.

  2. MamaBird/SurelyYouNest

    I’m with cranky. It’s like in the Princess Bride, which I quote constantly to my kids: I do not think that word (green storage) means what you think it means. (smile) Bring on the post, tho, I love green storage ideas.


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