A PSA for my lovelies, for Tues., 5.6

My lovely readers, you know and embrace your inner beauty, right?  Well, my good friend C. forwarded me an email reminding me to explicitly embrace my inner beauty tomorrow, on International No Diet Day.  So, take a day off from media images (unless they’re Queen Latifah, or Salma Hayek, or Glenn Close) and eat what your body tells you to eat.  But celebrate, too, the gift that your body is, as you can make time to do so.  Meditate for 15 minutes– or sit quietly on the porch for 15 minutes, cup of coffee in hand, listening to the birds.  Walk or run, or park at the far end of the parking lot.  Skip the escalator.  And use your favorite smelly bath gel or moisturizer or perfume, your “special occasions” face mask, and your favorite dress or outfit.  (And fellas, you’re not off the hook either.  Don’t worry about six pack abs and your hairline tomorrow.  Instead, tell a joke to a good friend and make them laugh.)


8 thoughts on “A PSA for my lovelies, for Tues., 5.6

  1. Emily

    I hate diets. I refuse to diet. I go to the gym because I know I need to for health reasons, and I’m even starting to like the feeling of making my body work, but I don’t think dieting is a good thing AT ALL.

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