Mrs. BLC’s Secret Girl(s)friend, Part 2

Ok, it’s perhaps anticlimactic to name my new bra as my second-ever secret girl(s)friend, but really, meet my new inner beauty. I introduce to you the “Barely There” Invisible Look Underwire Bra.

My girls are not as, ahem, generous as the ones in this picture, so I can use the light padding and underwire to boost the little that I’ve got. However, the between cup sizes thing (say, oh, between none, and just a little?) can be uncomfortable. I stuck with the Victoria’s Secret T-Shirt bras for a long time after replacing my Cacique Invisible bras (damn you, VS, for swallowing Cacique whole!)– I stuck with them for too long. But, a few months ago, I went shopping with my friend C at the nearby outlet center, and she purchased some of these bras on the recommendation of the slightly-too-earnest-and- somewhat-stalkery saleswoman at the Hanes/Bali/Leggs store. (We also bought some of Barely There’s underwear, which I already knew was the next most comfortable thing to going without.) C. reported the very next day that this bra was her new best friend.

You know what? C. is right (well, she’s always right, but she’s especially right here)– this bra is my new best friend, which in my mind means that I feel comfortable– no more grabbing at sliding straps, or tugging at creeping chest bands. The fabric is soft, it’s smooth under fabric, and while it’s not sexy, it feels good on, like flannel jammies for your breasts. It stays put– no more falling out or stuffing back in. And… I don’t even notice I’m wearing it. Plus? I noticed that my side profile looked just a tad bit bustier than it has in the past– it made my rack look like, well, a rack, rather than a shelf, or a board, or whatever. (Why do we call it a rack? Racks are flat, aren’t they?) I stood straighter, walked taller, smiled more, and got flirted with three times on Monday and twice today. And that, cher Readers, is the test, since I’ll take all the flirting I can get. I am so totally going back in the next two weeks to buy some more.


11 thoughts on “Mrs. BLC’s Secret Girl(s)friend, Part 2

  1. Law School Hot Mama

    I can’t really help you out here . . . I’ve got more rack than a torture chamber. All I try to do is contain the ladies! I thought about naming my blog “Taming the Beast in my Bra” but decided the people who would end up there might not be the readers I want.

  2. Alison

    Mysterious forces must be leading me towards these flannel jammies for my girls! First, I see this bra browsing after randomly going there to see if they have something a luddite friend was looking for. And now your post….

  3. Mrs. G.

    I’m trying not to feel bad that (like Victoria Secret) they do not cater to women who have ample bosoms-I love that term. Old school.

  4. CMCB

    Listen up, ladies – I am BLC’s friend C – and that is not just my first initial, it is also my cup size. The bras are NOT just for the breastily challenged . . .they are quite flattering to what my husband affectionately refers to as to “5 star rack” (ok, granted, some of you “ample bosomed” gals may be unimpressed by my C-cups. . .).

    PS: BLC – do not, and I repeat do not, ever tell my BH that I’ve spilled the beans about the “5 star rack” (he’d be mortified, poor thing).

  5. Melanie at Beanpaste

    Perhaps the “rack” refers to pot rack? Like, maybe with the 5 star rack, one could hang a very small sauce pan, a wee skillet, a ladle or two.

    Could come in handy. (That’s what she said.)


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