Attention, alternative energy engineers

Can’t you find a way to make clean-burning energy out of dryer lint?  It’s a renewable resource, and any lint that escapes combustion can be recaptured by way of a screen at the top of the smokestack.  (Although, I’d hate to be the poor bastard who has to climb up there to clean it.) I mean, it’s already clean, having been through the washer AND the dryer, and since it’s dry already, it should be quick-burning.

And if not– tell me how to felt the little blue-gray bastards so I can make tote bags out of them. 


12 thoughts on “Attention, alternative energy engineers

  1. alejna

    You’re so funny. But it does sound like it burns well.

    If you ever move on to the felting idea, I could get you lots more colors. I end up sorting my clothes such that we get dryer lint in red/purple, blue/green, pale green/gray, black or largely white. I hadn’t thought of the artistic possibilities…


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