This week’s Real Mental post

This week’s post, No More Excuses, is up.


5 thoughts on “This week’s Real Mental post

  1. floridalawyerchic


    I found your website yesterday. I have a lot in common with you — I am a lawyer, a woman, a slob, an aspiring writer, an Obama supporter, and I have bipolar illness. I was diagnosed in 1994, and I have been taking medication continuously since 1996. I have changed medications over the years, and I am happy to say I am doing better than ever.

    I would love to e-mail back and forth a bit with you – is your e-mail still


  2. Mrs. G.

    Great post. Good luck in tackling your pile. I function similarly. Weeks of productivity and then the dip where the house goes to hell and that list of things to do just gets simultaneously ignored and longer.


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