Stealing and Sharing: Mrs. BLC’s Secret Girlfriends

Some people say that lawyers are incapable of creative thought. It’s not true! As many as 25% of all lawyers are capable of creative thoughts… the other 75% are mostly really good at adapting others’ work to make it look like their own. So, in the spirit of wanton theft adaptation, I’d like to share with you an idea for your own adaptation.

Who doesn’t admire Mrs. G? Who doesn’t jump up and down to see a new post in their reader? And who doesn’t enjoy her Secret Boyfriend posts? Likewise, what feminist doesn’t pause for thought at the media and advertising criticisms that sometimes appear at the back of Ms.? (it’s been a decade long time since I read it, I will admit.) You probably also enjoy reading Alejna’s posts about her Kick-Ass women project. (If you don’t know the KAWP, go! I’ll be here when you’re done…) So while I was in the shower this morning, all of these ideas coalesced while I was thinking about a freelance idea I’ve been meaning to use for a pitch– but I don’t think I’m going to get it done. And since I was re-reading my freelance writing bible yesterday (recommended by the wonderful, amazing Mrs. Chicken), I’ve decided to take their advice and share my unused ideas.

So… starting today, I’d like to share the idea of Mrs. BLC’s Secret Girlfriends, a randomly-ocurring serious of inspiring women whose work, self-confidence, intelligence, grace, and sometimes downright hawtness make me wish they were my real girlfriend– women I’d love to have over for dinner and a bottle of wine or three. (Mr. BLC is being sarcastic in the background here, and telling me I should call the series “My own personal Gayle.”) I might choose women in film/tv/stage, or musicians, or writers, or other women of note. And I invite you all to adapt away. I’d love to see who you find inspiring.

I therefore present Mrs. BLC’s first secret girlfriend, Glenn Close:

Mad acting skillz aside, Glenn Close is the epitome of graceful aging. She’s athletic, but not skinny. She’s taken roles that have brought her fame, then taken time off to raise her family out of the limelight. She’s not afraid of playing unlikeable women, or villians, or any damn role she pleases– and then making them human, which to me is the scary hard part. And, reader? Mrs. BLC would kill for upper arms like Ms. Close’s.

(I’m off to find my tennis racket.)

Photos courtesy of and the Got Milk? photo site.


13 thoughts on “Stealing and Sharing: Mrs. BLC’s Secret Girlfriends

  1. Mrs. G.

    I so enjoy Glen Close-I’ve loved her since I saw the Big Chill way back in the day.

    Meryl Streep and Madeline Albright would be on my list.

  2. Emily

    Oh, I would totally have to add Meryl Streep, Katharine Hepburn, and Clara Burton to that list. And we could toss a few more on, if you didn’t mind too much … people like Anne Hathaway and Ellen Page.

  3. CMCB

    Mine is Julianne Moore – every time I see her on something, I announce that I’d love to be friends with her . . .can’t believe of all your posts, THIS is the one on which I finally commented!

  4. Cheri

    Grrrrrrreat idea for a series of posts. Really great.

    I must respectfully diagree with Mrs. G., however. I don’t think I’ve EVER done that before. I did not like Glenn Close in The Big Chill. i could not accept that anyone would look that happy after her husband spent the previous night trying to impregnate her best friend. She didn’t pull it off as an actress — or I could not buy into that part of the script. Either way.

  5. alejna

    I love your idea.

    And thanks for the link to my kick-ass women project. I should really get back to adding to that. Perhaps you will inspire me!

  6. cathy

    I like this idea and want to participate. How? On my site? Or here in comments? or will you do a round-up of reader thoughts?

    I like your choice of Glenn Close as a secret girlfriend. That “got milk” ad captures my attention for a very long time whenever I see it in a magazine.


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