Tickling my funny bone

I love everything about The Onion, and every week it’s a reliable source of laughter and appreciation of the finer tunings of nerd humor.  But this week’s might be one of my all time favorites:  Oprah Launches Own Reality.  I appreciate the piece not only for its handling of the sense of impending doom that everything will be owned by Oprah some day (and really, I do admire her accomplishments, and I have been known to tune in if Lionel Richie’s going to be on, but you know, I can figure out what I like on my own, including my presidential candidates, thanks), and the sense that maybe she has a bit of a savior complex (see also, Oprah Stuns Audience with Man Giveaway)– but there’s also their keen capture of some of the finer points of astrophysics and the time/space complex.  I mean, the pop-out physics explanation of the way the new Oprahverse works is worth its weight in gold.  Or unstable isotopes.  Whatever.  And, I wish that I could do High Sarcasm nearly as well.  Writer’s envy, really.


9 thoughts on “Tickling my funny bone

  1. nyjlm

    That’s hilarious. I saw something so funny the other night, and I cannot remember what show it was on. They were talking about Oprah and through the use of clips from her show, demonstrated that she might just be as enthusiastic about Barack Obama as she is about giving away cars and starting new seasons of her show.

    I have mixed feelings about Oprah. I have gleaned some great stuff from her magazine, but had to quit reading it because it was just too pat, too perfect.

  2. Al

    I read this article yesterday and giggled like a 4 year old. Oprions and Winfrions… HAHAHA. There was a “This American Life” show a couple of weeks ago titled, ‘Tough Room’ where they go into the weekly meetings of The Onions staff writers. It was quite funny.

    Oh, satire and sarcasm. How I love you.


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