Love Thursday

I love to cook– and my waistline makes no secret of it. But I don’t care so much about my waistline that food still doesn’t (and always) come first. I try to plan a few meals a week for cooking, and for working on my stack of recipe clippings.

But… shhhh… I get tired of cooking, sometimes. And while the BH is a good cook, and will cook dinner whenever I ask him to, sometimes I want a restaurant meal instead of cooking. Often, I want that meal alone.

I want to savor food made for me, and just for me, by myself. I want to dissect the meal, if I feel like it, by myself, without any more conversation than with whatever I’ve brought to read. Or I want to relish old favorites, like my Last Meal, as pictured above. (Steak tips, medium rare, steamed broccoli, and perfect, real mashed potatoes with lots of butter. And a glass of Menage a Trois Folie au Deux Merlot. The only thing missing is a big vanilla custard.) I want to be taken care of, alone, and to relish that, by myself. Because while I am primarily a cook, who loves to express her love for food and for the eaters of her food, I cook less for myself, and more for others. To truly feel the love for myself, I need to let someone else cook for me, in a situation where I can be quiet and relish it, free of the distraction to hop up from the table, making sure everyone else has enough. Eating at friends’ and family’s tables is wonderful, but not the same thing– my appreciation is tempered by the need to be careful of their feelings if I don’t think the meal is up to snuff. On my own, I can just focus on the food, and let go of the need to feed, the need to please.  Which leaves me, in the end, more ready to feed, to please, to love, afterwards.  Happy LT, all.

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15 thoughts on “Love Thursday

  1. O

    omg that food looks absolutely DELICIOUS! I love what you wrote, thanks for sharing yourself with us. I’ve never dined alone–I admire you for doing it and for relishing it. Maybe one day I’ll try it. Happy Love Thursday!

  2. Emily

    I have never gone to a restaurant to eat by myself. It’s not really my style … I’d much rather be curled up on my couch with Chinese takeout.

  3. Ursula I HAVE to figure out what I’m making for dinner!

    I just spent ages in your Flickr stream and your pictures make me miss Boston more and more. I moved to FL 6 years ago and hope to be back by years end (and try to visit at least once a year if not a dozen times more). It’s great to see some of my old haunts (Kinsale, Gov’t Ctr, Chinatown, Back Bay, JP). Le sigh…keep your fingers crossed that the economy doesn’t scare my husband into staying here any longer than necessary!

    Happy LT (and thanks for stopping by my blog)


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