Competitive, even when I shouldn’t be

So between the deciding what to do with my life and the lithium thing and the mom thing and the blah blah blah getting an income going thing, the tidiness of Chez BLC has fallen off more than a tad.  And I was a lousy housekeeper to begin with, though I will say that things may be cluttered, disorganized and dusty– but they are never DIRTY, except maybe for the toilet sometimes.  Sometimes.  But recently, I’ve sunk to new lows.  For example, last week was the first time in three months that I swiffered or dusted, and the dried and crunchy food prep detritus on the kitchen floor was starting to organize elections to oust me from the kitchen. But when I saw that Mrs. Chicken was having a contest, I had to enter, even though, it’s a contest where:

So, Mrs. C, I submit two equally dismaying entries for your consideration.

First up, the bills, which live in the dining room– on the table,

and also bundled up by owner, me or the BH, and stashed to the side on a bookcase in the dining room…

Pretty scary. Who knows what inheritance from a long lost uncle lies therein?

But I think the piece of resistance (no really, I am so resisting cleaning this room) is the back room, which is my closet, our guest room, my office, and current the site of dry cleaning galore, only half-put-away-Christmas ornaments and their boxes, boxes of summer and winter storage clothes that need to go to the basement, laundry laundry always laundry, dry cleaning, and about six boxes of stuff from my old job that needs to be sorted, shelved, and/or tossed. I get hives thinking about it. Fortunately, the only person who visits us these days is my best friend A., and she never minds the towering piles of clutter on the other side of the room. Behold:



and last but not least,

Yep. I am a slob. But I do promise that if you come over for dinner, the kitchen equipment is all clean, and the food is damned tasty. So come on over, just please, don’t open the closets, or touch the door to the back room. It’s a doozy.

Mrs. C., do I win?


22 thoughts on “Competitive, even when I shouldn’t be

  1. Mary

    I love your blog. And you have nothing on me. We haven’t eaten dinner at our table in…..a while, because I can’t find it.

  2. Susan Carlin

    Thank you for the comment on my “sisters” painting, BLC. We’d feel right at home at your house, not to worry. I’m not sure I’m ready to photograph the piles here and there and post them on my blog, but will start reading my emails from again instead of deleting them on arrival.
    My sister assures me we’re from a family of pilots… pile it here, pile it there…. O Domestic Goddess, deliver me from C.H.A.O.S.- Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome.

  3. mike golch

    I have you beat.our table is burried with paid bills and ordered medications and assorted paperwork. Our front bedroom looks like some one camped in it for years.Actually sinve ther is only two of us we use the front bedroom to store stuff that we cannot find a spot for.

  4. bpdokc

    I’m a slob also. My husband is a neat freak, so I guess it evens out. He gets so mad at me all the time because I’ll leave dirty dishes in the sink until they start to smell bad, and even then I normally won’t do the dishes myself. I normally wait for him to get sick of the smell and do them himself.

  5. Gabriel...

    I can’t believe the first comment I’m making on your blog is about the state of my laundry… I’ve got the sink full of dishes and the cluttered dining room table, but I haven’t done a laundry in almost three months. It took me twenty minutes this morning before I found my very last mostly-clean shirt… this weekend I figure at least four loads will make me respectable again.

  6. nyjlm

    you are brave! We have areas like this in the house (hell, sometimes the whole house), but I’m not sure I would be able to post pictures of it. Maybe the garage.

  7. Her Better Half

    What, after all these comments not one joke about my wife airing our dirty laundry in public?

    Actually, I should write her dirty laundry. She didn’t take any pictures of My Own Personal Garbarge(tm).

  8. Cheri

    I so have you beat in terms of mess, but I can’t find my camera under all of it to take photos. And besides, even if I could find my camera, my photos suck using both hands, how bad would it be with just my left?

  9. jess

    if I could actually *find* my camera i’d take some pictures to share how awful I am at housekeeping as well.

    I can sweep, mop, swiffer and scrub toilets but laundry? piles up everywhere…I suck…

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  11. Laura

    I love the honesty.

    I grew up in a house that my mother could whip into shape in an afternoon, but was too exhaused to do the everyday.

    I can’t go home anymore because she is consummed with the clutter.

    I too have clutter similar to your’s, and am working on it. Every purge gets easier. I am a librarian by profession and I started with the hardest, my book collection years ago. After that it got easier. I get hung up on bits of paper. Paper paper everwhere and not a scrap to write on.

    Thank you for sharing your struggles. I just love stopping by every so often. You are a wonderful writer. In Blogsterville, everyone thinks they’re a writer, but it’s not so easy. (I am a terrible writer, and struggle to pass on information I want to share.) Thanks again.


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