“I’m coming out” is not just a Diana Ross song

I’m trying to be honest here, but I am just not going to post a SP with the recent thyroid weight gain.  So, both of these are 10 or 15 pounds ago.

My husband says this is what I look like, right before I skewer someone’s faulty logic.

Blurry, but otherwise honest.  The best thing about this picture is the $50 red suede coat I got at Target eight years ago.  It just gets better-looking every year.  And it’s so old that it’s like it was free, at this point.


28 thoughts on ““I’m coming out” is not just a Diana Ross song

  1. Cheri

    Look at you! You are lovely.

    I only very recently put a photo of myself on my blog, and removed the Lucy Ricardo avatar and replaced it with me. I had photos of my kids, sure. My husband, some. But me, none. Zero. Zip. When I included one of your posts on my March 31 NaBloPoMo post in which I linked to my favorite OPB (Other People’s Blogs) posts, I poked around your blog for your picture, settling on the one of your awesome shoes.

    I think one of us (I vote you) might write about why bloggers do and do not put up their photos. I think it is more than just a snap decision, no pun intended.

  2. magpie

    Oh hi! Of course, you look nothing like I expected. But then, no one seems too. I think that I expect everyone on the web to be blonde – because I am. Narcissistic projection? You look great!

  3. Mary Ann

    Oh, I’m a sucker for good glasses. I’m so in love with mine that I haven’t changed frames in 3 years. I suppose that could be considered frugal, but probably just stupid. I should post some real life photos. Of me. That’s scary.

  4. Jenn @ Juggling Life

    I love “the look.” I see you practice the same amortization logic I do–it’s very effective.

    I love being able to have a picture of you in my mind now when I read your great writing. Or picture you in my kitchen with the ingredients for a middle-eastern feast!

  5. Fiona

    Good on you for “coming out”. And I would encourage you to forget about the damned thyroid-related weight gain, and just let it all hang out. My bet is that you’d get lots of support and approval from your readers. And I also bet that we wouldn’t notice the 10 or 15 pounds that much, if at all.

  6. savia

    It’s so nice to see you – I just recently started posting pics, too, which was a really hard decision. But it just felt more authentic, like I was standing behind my words instead of hiding, you know?

    Also, you are way hot.


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