Lessons in commuting, part 2

The Cordian Knot: What you will end up having to untangle in the morning when you try to plug in your phone headset and/or mp3 player headset, but  realized that you have failed to carefully fold your headset cord(s) and clip it/them with a little binder clip you’ve stolen from the office the night before.

See also, cordfusion: What happens when you fail to make a habit of storing similar-looking headset cords in different places, and then can’t remember what goes with what.

Related, keyfusion: What happens when you don’t store your keys in the same pocket or section of your totebag/briefcase all the time, and then can’t remember where you put them, leading to as much as five minutes of curse-fueled pocket-patting and/or tote-searching, usually in the sleet, snow, wind, rain, or a combination of all of the above.

Extricord:  The process of untangling and/or preventing the entanglement of one’s mp3 player and cell phone handset cords with/from the rest of one’s purses, backpacks, briefcases and tote bags, having finally undone the Cordian Knot.


8 thoughts on “Lessons in commuting, part 2

  1. Robot Dancers

    Those knots drive me crazy.
    My keys are on a big janitorial key ring and I trnd to put them in the same spots everyday.
    Knock on wood that I never lose them.
    I am VERY paranoid about losing things so I designate spots for everything.
    My house is a freaking mess but i always know where my keys and wallet are.

  2. Cricket

    As much as I lose everything else, I do not lose my keys. However, last week I did get my son involved on a key quest, even dug out the spares, only to not be able to put the spares in my pocket for my regular keys being there. I think I’ve lost something and just panic!

    I’m like that with cords are the computer with our various MP3 and cameras.

  3. Camellia

    Plugged in. Sometimes even I forget how we used to do things in the dark ages before umbilical everything. In the old days of 1994 my cousins were terrified by the ‘dark’ during an ice storm. They had never seen dark before. Today, folks experience communication anxiety if the gadget goes out.

  4. Cheri

    Remember in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation when Clark hands Rusty that giant tangled ball of Christmas lights and says, “Here, Russ, work on this.”? You probably don’t because you have more of a life than me, but anyway it’s a perfect example of extricord.


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