Yay, again!

First I get paid to write about coffee shops.  Then, I get paid to go grocery shopping and find new sources for my Middle Eastern herbs and spicesAnd I have two more round-ups on the coffee shops to do– hey, Boston’s a big town!

Remind me again why the hell I went to law school?


18 thoughts on “Yay, again!

  1. Camellia

    They pay you more at lawyering places? But today is hummus and falafal for lunch, I have to make it, oh, I wish for some holloumi cheese to go with it, we must order from the net, I can’t even imagine the inside of such a bazarre, I’m so jealous. Write and eat. You got it going. Lucky duck.

  2. bipolarlawyercook

    Angelina, I just got lucky. Mrs. Chicken of Chicken and Cheese pointed me to a guide called the Renegade’s Guide to Freelance Writing, and it was a great help in giving me a sense of the way the industry works, as well as in busting some myths about the difficulties of working freelance. And– there are some nice sample first pitches to model your own on.

    Mostly, I just pitched to smaller papers and read a lot of different publications to get a feel for what they might be interested in featuring. This publication was willing to look at my blog as a writing sample to back up my pitch. Other publications weren’t, but interestingly enough, have gotten back to me since I’ve been published. The bigger papers want clippings before they’ll print you, which is fair enough, but it’s hard to get started if everyone wants clippings. I am actually working on a few pitches that will include the first few pars. for the pitched article– for right now, on longer pieces I don’t want to do all the writing on with no guaranteed buyer. We’ll see if it works. If I had more free time, I might fell differently.

    Because I am still doing the law-talking stuff, the amount of time I’ve been spending on this is less than I’d like– I’ve got to do some physical and emotional spring cleaning to make it happen. : )

  3. alejna

    Wow, that’s great! I just read the article, and now I want olives. And turkish delight. And maybe some fresh pita bread, too. (I may just have to check out some of those shops. Too bad I live so far out in the boonies.)

  4. Cheri

    I’ll remind you: to become a paid writer. Yay for you! Yay! Yay! Now, remind me (harder job for you). I’m seriously deliriously happy for you!

  5. mike golch

    You went to law school to better your self,of course. or as my sister-in-law says,”have a peice of paper on the wall so I can act stupid”like some of her fellows in the office.


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