Lessons in Commuting, part 1

Portal, please:  The practice of timing your entry into a revolving door correctly, by making eye contact with the person exiting the building/already in the revolving door, so that both persons are able to enter and exit without having to push too hard, and/or be pushed out too quickly by an overzealous push-er.

Dressing front:  The practice of putting one’s bags between one’s feet or pulled into one’s lap or to one’s front (in the case of shoulder bags) so as a maximize the amout of floor and air space available to one’s fellow’s commuters.  E.g.  “If everyone would please dress front, then the passengers standing in the door way could move all the way into the car.”


8 thoughts on “Lessons in Commuting, part 1

  1. Cheri

    And . . . just because you’re a dude, do you have to cut into my personal space with your arm and knee spread? Your junk can’t be that big that your legs must be posed at a 120 degree angle.

    End of mini-rant.

  2. Dennis

    Wow – I know it must suck to have BP disorder, but creative side of that illness has to be worth something! You think of the most amazing things! Um . . . perhaps I’m being presumptious and ignorant for not realizing that you may have thought of those things even without BP!!! Sorry.

  3. cathy

    what Cheri said… when I lived in NYC and took the subway, I kept honing my response to the leg spread. I was almost ready to let loose, and then I moved away.

    Out here in Oregon, my equivalent is the suped-up trucks and SUVs, when they swerve on by, I make comments, but the small-penis guys aren’t on the same track so some of the impact is gone.

  4. Robot Dancers

    I used to love the subway when I lived in NYC. LOVE.
    Nothing made me feel more connected with the people.
    No, I redact that.
    Walking dow Houston st. on a Friday night made me feel like so…good.


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