Sparkling Lemon Laxative

Mmm, laxative. Well, at least it cheered me up. I thought I was having a bad day, and then I realized, at least I didn’t need this!


13 thoughts on “Sparkling Lemon Laxative

  1. Mrs. G.

    Well I’m hoping you raise your bar of happiness a bit higher than “at least I didn’t have to drink lemon laxative, but, in the meantime, I’m impressed by your ablility to find the silver lining in properly working pipes.

  2. Tara

    Wow, a “sparkling” saline laxative. Makes me think of cheese, crackers and canapes. They should rename it, “the champagne of laxatives”. I don’t think better taste is going to improve the end result….er, figuratively speaking of course…Hee hee.

    Excellent photography by the way, if you ever get bored with the law, you could take pictures for a living. You have an eye for form and structure.

  3. Marci B.

    Wow – you are so right. My sister like to play the “At Least” game, and this fits right in. When all else totally sucks, there is always an “At Least” that we can find. At least we don’t need lemon-flavored laxative. That is one of my new favorites!!!

  4. Grandy

    Hey, whatever it takes to make you stop and appreciate something about your day works!! I saw that and got to feelin’ all funny inside…oh wait…that was just me getting sick at the thought of drinking that crap!

  5. Just Me

    I should not find these products funny, given my issues. But oh, some are weird.

    My favorite is that the stuff that they make you drink to clean you out totally before bowel procedures is called “golightly”. It does everything but that. “Goexplosively” is more accurate…..


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