Love Thursday

One of my favorite authors, Robin McKinley, writes of one of her characters in one of her books that she needed rest, because she gave too freely of herself– she needed time “putting back into her self.” While that particular character turns out to be not sympathetic in the end, McKinley’s discussion of how we drain ourselves and need recharging is strong.

I very much feel this way about myself– I invest a lot (often too much) of myself in my day, in my interactions. Maybe it’s the bipolar, maybe it’s just being too sensitive, or too critical, or fussy, or something, or maybe it’s just the need to monitor my own output a bit better– in any event, by the time lunch rolls around, I need a little alone time, some putting back into myself. A half hour with a book and some food usually does it, though I’m also trying to give myself a fifteen minute break for tea and a cookie mid-afternoon. I cherish this time alone, and get quite cranky and unproductive when I don’t have it.

But when I do? I can go back to giving (too) freely of myself. Happy LT, all. May you find all the quiet moments you need, today and hereafter. You can see other LT posts here.


20 thoughts on “Love Thursday

  1. rosie

    Yes Yes…book and food at lunchtime. Reading has the same effect as meditating for me…it shuts up my left brain…and then I come back refreshed

  2. Ursula

    Oh, this makes me miss living & working in Boston…and looking forward to doing it again soon! My book time was on the train each day-once I missed my stop and went to the end of the line because I was so into my book!

    Happy LT

  3. Cricket

    I just learned about something yesterday with my therapist concerning something like this. Children with various LDs (if I remember correctly) have brains that work in overdrive, as if in first gear and not allowed to glide down to fourth. It’s all day in high gear and it wears on the individual.

    I’ve had trouble with my son after school and she thinks this might be what is happening with him. He’s ADD with mixed mild dyslexia, but makes great grades and behaves well in school. She suggests allowing him 15 minutes of hard play after school, something I would usually take away during his tandrum, but know now that he needs.

  4. Cricket

    Forgot to mention that the studies were done with brain imaging to show the overactivity of the LD child even while doing a routine task.

  5. bleeding espresso

    Lovely sentiments and photo; when I worked in an office I very rarely wanted to go to lunch with my coworkers…not b/c I didn’t like them but b/c I need my alone time with a book.

  6. molly

    I absolutely require reading time each day. I think I would go crazy without it. My 45 min. on the treadmill is also a mind-clearing necessity.

  7. The Cheap Chick

    Oh wow, oh WOW! Robin McKinley! Deerskin! I’m so psyched that someone else besides me has read that book, I can hardly concentrate on the actual post.

    Anyhoo, I’ll try and maintain. I completely understand the need to recharge your mental batteries. And a good book (like Deerskin! Love it!), plus snacks, is the way to go.


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