Early morning, April fourth

Today is the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination. You can find a partial archive of his speeches and video and audio clips, here and here. Link to The King Center, here.

For the transcript and audio of Robert F. Kennedy’s speech in Indianapolis about Dr. King’s death, click here.

For Nelson Mandela’s Acceptance Speech of the Nobel Peace Prize, click here.

If you haven’t yet read or watched Barack Obama’s recent speech on race, you can do so here.

May you have some time today to reconcile in your heart something you previously found too uncomfortable to contemplate, and may you find the hope, the energy, the courage to strengthen your resolve to add a drop to the bucket of change.


12 thoughts on “Early morning, April fourth

  1. Emily

    One thing I heard on NPR that really struck me was one of the ministers who was close to the Rev. Dr. King saying that if you said things weren’t better now, you obviously weren’t alive then.

    The Rev. Dr. King’s memory does live on, but we still have a lot to learn and a lot to accomplish in terms of granting all the individuals in our society equal treatment. I’m not saying we could eliminate racism, because I don’t believe that is possible. People are prejudicial creatures.

    BUT what I think is really important is to act as if we weren’t, because that is the nobler thing. Each of us needs to be aware of what we are doing and saying and remain conscious of the effects our actions will have on others. We need to try to rise above the initial knee-jerk racist reaction and try to see each person for who he or she is. We, as people, can do that, and in that way we can rise above our racist inclinations to provide a society in which no group is marginalized for being different.

  2. Carol

    Another blogger had urged me to read the full text of Obama’s speech–I was rather skeptical, but I did. It brought tears to my eyes. And then I learned that he wrote it himself….thanks for the links!


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