The written word

My written word, that is.  And yes, I do plan on grabbing dozens of copies from several delivery boxes around town for the sake of posterity, and clippings.  (OK, well, clipping, but they asked me to write another piece…)  Also– that’s a nom de plume, btw.  My real name is Bruce Wayne.  (Um, wait, never mind.)


24 thoughts on “The written word

  1. alejna

    That’s way cool, Bruce.
    What neighborhood is next on the list? Do you need any help with your research? I’d be all over meeting up for a beverage and pastry…

  2. standing still

    What a sucky topic you had to research. I’ll bet you suffered through all those data gathering expeditions. What’s next? Loveliest smelling patisserie? How about, Best Hand Made Truffle Establishments? Or, Friendliest Places to Buy a Milkshake? I wouldn’t trade for your gig.


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