Fine tuning and an apology

This week’s RealMental post, Fine Tuning, is up.

I am still really behind on catching up on all your posts and I am afraid it may be another week or two before I can really catch up.  This working and interviewing and crazy Mom and crazy me thing is really kicking my butt, though it’s all working out, so far.  I miss reading your sites and catching up with you.  I’m hoping things will slow down soon.  In the meantime, thanks for being patient and please feel free to email me until I get my Reader up to date.


11 thoughts on “Fine tuning and an apology

  1. amy

    no worries love- you get yr life in order! Busy times can be good for the soul…just think of how relaxing it will all be to take a weekend and really catch up….xo

  2. michaelgolch

    Hey,if it takes you two weeeks to visit me that’s fine with me. You,your Mom(even if she drives you up the wall treasure her you will miss her when she is gone.Mu Mom used to drive me up the wall,and believe me if I could have her back driveing me up the wall again I would,I truely miss her to this day.I lost her in sept 2003),and life comes first.
    I hope that you are having a good day.


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