Way too excited

My first freelance piece is due tomorrow and my editor (my editor!) just emailed me to make sure everything was on track.  The piece is mostly done but for the finishing edit tonight, so I told her so.  And I got a “Rock on!”

I have never received a “Rock on” before– but I most definitely think that I will.  Rock on, that is.  Yep.  I’m a big dork.  But a nearly-published one.


29 thoughts on “Way too excited

  1. PWADJ

    SO AWESOME! I know that we are for real and legit writers regardless of the outcomes, but there’s definitely something special about being paid and having and editor. CONGRATS!

  2. jess

    here i am, a day late and a dollar short. i’ve missed you. i’ve just felt so blah lately. i haven’t even read any of my regular blogs since last friday. i’m feeling sad and worthless right now, but i still heart you – one of my fave writerz in the internetz.

    my absence isn’t you – it’s me. 😉


  3. Dory

    are you sure I haven’t given you a Rock On? I was kind of thinking I gave you a Rock On. Only the ones I give out are rock. ON.


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