Where have I been all my life?

I am about to admit something shocking. Until this week, I did not have an mp3 player. Nope. No iPod, no Zune, no Aiwa mp3 player. Zilch, nada, zip. But then, then, my cell phone gave up the ghost. After two years of being dropped on pavement, in toilets, and on hardwood floors, the speaker and the number 6 gave way. (6? Yeah, I don’t know why that one, either.) It also had a battery life of -2 minutes. It was a battery vampire. Fortunately, I’m the “account holder” on our cell contract, so I had lots of options for my “upgrade” phone, free with renewal. There were phones with qwerty keypads, phones with cameras better than my current one, phones with enough features to launch missiles.

Since the BH and I are both txtng luddites, and since my dad is also unlikely to become a txtng mnstr at age 66, we have a voice centered plan. (u pay thru nose 4 txts.) I therefore eliminated all the qwerty keyboarded phones. I like my camera as it is, so no megapixelated cameraphone.

So… after way too much agonizing and head scratching, I chose a Samsung Juke. It’s teeny, it comes in pretty colors (I got RED), and it’s a music player. Ever since the end of the cassette-walkman revolution, I have been music-less in my goings-about. But walking to work from the T station these past few weeks, I was reminded that you can’t walk successfully and accident-free while reading. (OK, maybe it’s just me…) And at 8am, I am not returning phone calls, as I might on my way home after work.

This morning, I was overcome with joy to hear Paul Simon’s “Late in the Evening” as I got off the train and started walking to work. That horn section in the middle really added a spring to my step. And… it’s pretty, and small (half the width of a pack of cards), and sparkly, and all the kids I’m working with on this project I’m on were all impressed. And did you know it cures cancer? And causes its bearer to lose 40 pounds?

BLC: entering the 20th century, only 8 years into the 21st.


16 thoughts on “Where have I been all my life?

  1. Cheri

    When my husband first bought me an iPod, I thought it was thoughtful, but that I really wouldn’t use it. Was I ever wrong. I love that thing. I use it daily. And if I’m not using it, my eight-year-old is. Enjoy!

  2. CTJen

    Ooh, I like that phone, too! I think I’d like that to be my next one. Also, I can’t walk and read either. Hey, what about a couple of audio books on your phone? Welcome to the 21st century! 🙂

  3. Adena

    once you start listening to podcasts, there will be no end to your joy. go to iTunes and click on podcasts. “This American Life” alone is worth its weight it gold, and there are others (I can give you some ideas if you want…)

  4. Cricket

    Last Father’s Day, I got ex a Samsung – it was expensive compared to our older model Woots at 2 for $25. I spent a ridiculous amount of time downloading songs, paring them down, and loading what wound up being 525 tunes.

    J gave it to him and, that I know of, he listened to it twice. I was really heartbroken.

    Then this week, ex called from where he’d being deployed, said he found a converter that charges it from the wall instead of requiring a computer, and he was really enjoying it. That meant the world to me. I don’t think he realized the weeks of work that thing took or how much nicer it was than the handful of cheapo ones we have here.

    Music to go is good for the soul.

  5. Cranky

    I got an iPod for Christmas a couple of years ago (mom got them for me, bro & step-dad) and I didn’t do anything with it for a couple of months, but then I started uploading my cd’s. It’s a 20G, and it was full. I’ve started paring down everything on there, taking off songs I’m not absolutley in love with. It’s going down, but I still have about 2000 songs to go through to rate them all. I listen to it in the car, at my desk at work (got an iLive speaker set for it) and at home through my stereo (got a Belkin thingy to pipe it thorough my stereo). I ADORE my iPod. The hard drive was going out a while back, and the “genius” at the Apple store told me it was going to die soon. It got beaten into submission (literally, he whacked it on something like a mouse pad to get the hard drive back to what it’s supposed to do) and it’s been happy for a long time. I swear, I don’t know what I’d do without it! Wow, didn’t know I could gush like that over an iPod. . .

  6. magpie

    i got one of the first iPods…i loved it.

    then recently, when both that old iPod and my cellphone decided that their batteries were kaput, i got an iPhone. which i love. even texting. and video. who knew?

  7. Dory

    I love my qwerty keyboard, but txting is my primary communication so it’s almost mandatory.
    I love my iPod! I second that opinion about podcasts! I listen to podcasts every day to make the time go by faster. I subscribed to Focus on the Family and Joyce Meyer and a couple others. The iPod also puts on another hat as an external hard drive. And yet another hat as a photo viewer. Tom has already said I can get an iPhone when we get a tax refund, but I might hold out until they come up with more hard drive. Maybe. I don’t know. He says why would I need a bigger iPhone since I have my iPod. But Apple also has this nasty habit of coming out with a new thing and three months later coming out with a bigger thing for the same price. That drives me NUTS! I had a 4g (old non-color) iPod that died 6 days after the warranty ran out. So I got a new one and two days after it arrived, Apple came out with video for the same damn price. I was so pissed. I sold the stupid thing on eBay and got a video iPod but I had my damn video iPod. I had to take a loss AND endure Tom’s teasing but I did it and I’m glad I did. BTW, did you notice our computers are down at work which would explain why I’m all chatty?! LOL


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