As if the tawdry details of the Client 9 negotiations weren’t enough, and a profile this morning in the NYT that makes Gov. Putzer sound clinically grandiose, it also seems that Idiot Spitzer forgot what every lawyer is taught before graduating from law school– the tax man will always get their man, no matter what, because there are unpaid tax monies at issue. As my tax prof said: “it doesn’t matter if you declare yourself an axe murderer for occupation–just declare all your income, from whatever source derived.”

It’s not so much shocking for the moral and ethical issues at stake, as it is shockingly stupid, from someone well-able to know and do better, but who persists with an arrogant not-me sense of entitlement. Unfortunately, jackasses come in a party affiliations.


8 thoughts on “Unbelievable

  1. Cheri

    Greed or lust, which is stronger? Probably doesn’t matter, one or both always seem to be the motivating force behind the downfall of these jackasses.

  2. Poet With a Day Job

    I have a sinking suspicion, after hearing about all this, that the man has a serious addiction. Because you have to be either very stupid or very addicted to go to these lengths for a hooker.

  3. Allison

    Funny thing, NPR reported this morning that the monitoring systems used by banks (which caught his suspicious transactions and withdrawals) are systems that, prior to becoming governor, HE approved and made mandatory in the state of New York.


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