RING! RING!  The phone rings like the Last Trumpet’s Sounding, causing me to nearly hit the ceiling, I jumped so high.
BLC:  Aghh!  (Gets out of bed, runs to phone.)  Hello? (In sexy, groggy, froggy voice.)
Brother of BH: Hello, Miss BLC!  How are you today?
BLC:  Oh … hi … Brother-in-law.
BroBH:  Did I wake you?  I’m sorry!  You go back to bed, and tell your lazy husband that I will be there at . . . 8:30.
BLC:  OK, bye. (Hangs up phone.  Crawls back into bed.)
BH:  Why is he calling so early?  It’s only 7!
BLC: He says he’ll be here at 8:30.
BH:  Why is he coming over early?  He said he’d come over at 9:30!
BLC: (Grumble, nestle under covers, grumble).
BH:  Oh.  We forgot to change the clocks.  It’s 8, really, not 7.
BLC: Get out of bed.  Go away.  Let me sleep.  Goddamn daylight savings.  I hate your family.

Of course, I was up and out of bed by the time BroBH got here.  Yes, I was still groaning like Lurch from The Addams Family, but I was out of bed, what more do you want?  Groan.  And now they’re off in my car, doing errands pertinent to their manly activities of fixing his car today, and I have to walk a whole mile in the 35F and sunny weather to go buy him eggs and milk and cold cuts.  There’s no justice in the world, I tell you.  None whatsoever.  I’d better win the lotto today, or at least find a twenty on the street.


13 thoughts on “Startle

  1. CTJen

    There must be something in the air today. I got woken up at 730 on a Sunday morning by a ringing phone, too! Oh, wait. It was 830. But still…

  2. laurie

    well, i got woken by a dog at 5:50 a.m. and my body was acutely aware that it was really4:50 a.m.

    you know, until you visited my blog the best blog name to stop by was Menopausal Old Bag. But i think bipolarlawyercook might top that one.

  3. jenB

    Ugh. Spring ahead, more daylight, blah blah. Days like today I don’t care either. Although it is sunny and warm here today. I can see it out my slightly opened window. Of course, I am doing laundry and screwing around on the interweb. I just want to sleep. I think 8-830 is the earliest i should ever have to wake up.

  4. mike golch

    groaning like lurch,man there are days that I feel the same way. I hate daylight saveing time as well.change the clocks and the vcrs,the microwave and every other thing that has a clock.

  5. savia

    Come move to Saskatchewan. We’re the only place without Daylight Savings Time in Canada. And twice a year, I thank my lucky stars that I live here.


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