An unscientific poll for bipolars

My mom is out of the hospital and home again, starting a partial-hospitalization program three days a week at the same facility.  She’s not 100%, not even 90%, but she knew today to call maintenance because the toilet was overflowing.  She’s still grandiose, her insight is still impaired, but Brother put the fear of Boston into her, so for now she seems cooperative.  Fingers crossed.

But, a question for my bipolar readers (and anyone else taking psychiatric meds, who thinks it’s applicable)–

Has it been your experience that when your meds are working just right that you get a full night’s sleep, without the need for tranks like ativan et als?  No anxiety dreams, fall right back asleep after the 2 am pee break, no trouble waking in the morning, and for me at least, weird-but-fun-dreams.

That’s been my experience, and my way of confirming that I’ve come back to an equilibrium.  My mother still needs tranks even with a week of full dosage lamictal + abilify under her belt, which seems to say to me that it’s just not the right drug combination.  (Oh, the opening the door naked to the handyman thing is a sign too…)

What’s your experience?  Comments and/or emails to are much welcomed.


9 thoughts on “An unscientific poll for bipolars

  1. Michelle

    I am not bipolar but have depression/anxiety and even on my best stretch of good days I still need the meds to help me sleep. In my case I think it has to do more with countering the effects of the meds that I take during the day. Good Luck with everything.

  2. mike golch

    I’m on a combination of different meds for different medical is bipolar,seizures,asthma,BPH. The combination of the meds I sleep but have to get for potty breaks every 1 1/5 to 2 hours.partialy due to the BPH no doubt.In fact I dont think I’m fully awake during the bathroom breaks.I’m awake enough to go from bed to bathroom and back to bed and back to sleep.
    We all just have to take things one day at a time anyway,just as I do for my A.A. way of like.

  3. Emily

    I sleep like crap most nights and I don’t have bipolar disorder. Horrible nightmares, waking up at tiny noises, just sleeping poorly, you name it and I get it.

  4. savia

    When my antidepressants are working, I sleep the sleep of the dead. That didn’t happen right away, though – I had to “settle in” to the drugs for a few months. Of course, there also has to be no extreme stress in my life at the time, or that will interfere with my sleep, too.

  5. Sara

    Yes, but I only achieved that on one regimen ever. I thought sometimes that that cocktail helped me most in that alone – that by making me have real sleep, not weird half awake dream sleep, and all night, was what really fixed the bipolar, not the mood effects of it.

    I loved it. For the first time in my life, I’d go to bed, fall asleep without excessive tossing and turning, stay asleep all night, and have real sleep rhythms with deep sleep, not just tortured dream sleep. In the morning, I’d wake up and want to face the day.

    But I don’t know…there’s an article online in one of the older bphope issues on it. Don’t remember it as very helpful though.

  6. Mariposa

    I haven’t reached the extreme yet…but I’m glad my doctors seemed to be giving me the right drugs years back when I had full medication…the thing is…I had a neurologist then. So there are times I had to take meds to my stiffening muscles, meds or supplements that would help me sleep, then I have for me heart because I have arrythmia…and some others. THAT combined with a lot of things to preoccupy me…and it worked! My guess is the earlier you try to fight the symptoms, the better….and that’s what happened to me.

  7. prof. j

    I sleep better well medicated. Some fun dreams. . .

    But I’m thinking the whole opening the door when naked thing is a big knock-off that the combination isn’t quite doing the trick.

    I am holding you in the light, BLC. I know this is tough.

  8. standing still

    I do sleep better. I wouldn’t say that I’m an every night sleep through kind of person, because the grind of my recent life has kept me awake some nights, but otherwise, much better than manic days.


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