Et cetera

I’ve dipped a toe again into the pool of the gainfully employed lawyer workforce, and offer the following observances:

If you tell a large boy-man to stop invading your space on the train, he will usually be so surprised that he won’t fight it.

Lawyers waste time on the internet checking their email, updating their blogs, reading the paper, and checking their stocks, just like everyone else.

There are only about 15 lawyer personalities, maybe less, regardless of the workplace. And the junior guy, who thinks he’s better than the people below him, and talks down to temp lawyers? Everyone hates that guy, no matter where he works.

I got so used to driving everywhere for work that I was unprepared for today’s after-work rainstorm. What do you mean, I should check the weather and carry a small umbrella?

A half hour is just not enough time to go get lunch and eat it.

There’s always someone who doesn’t know how to operate the train ticket machines. And they always ask me to help them.

There’s always someone who doesn’t know how to operate the coffee pod machine– and they’re always in front of me in line.

Receptionists at big firms look surprised when you say good morning and good night, and ask them how they are.

High speed elevators make me nauseous.


13 thoughts on “Et cetera

  1. mike golch

    I think that by saying hi in the mornings and good night to the receptionists is a great thing to do I used to do that when I was a realtor as well.I always enjoyed the smile I would get.

  2. Susan Carlin

    I just stopped by to thank you for the kind comment on my blog and stayed to read, and read, and read some more. I’m sending thoughts of calm and clarity and good humor to see you through your days on the job. Best of wishes!

  3. Marci

    Wow – sounds like an adventure. Your observations are both hilarious and very evocative. As a midwesterner living in NYC for the last 8 years, I totally agree with your comment about the receptionists being surprised at kindness/manners. It is such an easy way to make someone’s day, yet not enough people take the time to say “Hello, how are you?”

    Hope you are doing well πŸ™‚


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