Does voting for Obama make you sexist?

Elinor Lipman had an Op-Ed piece in the Boston Globe today about the “anti-Hillary = anti-woman” argument. She says many things that I have been thrashing through these past few months– though Lipman’s piece doesn’t reflect all the reasons that I think Obama is the better human to lead the country.

Now if someone would just write an Op-Ed piece about how the decision to vote for one candidate does not make the discarded choices “bad,” I’d be much obliged. I’m just so discouraged about the black and white poles between which society insists all political discourse must pinball. If you like one, you must hate the other. If you adopt one libertarian view, you must adopt them all. This all or nothing range against whire compromises are judged to be unprincipled, and declarations of willingness to change one’s mind are labeled wafflers is an ill of democracy in its lowest common denominator form. The insistence on simplicity over complexity is anti-intellectual and short-sighted– and representative of the current administration and the people who put him into office.  (And yes, Supreme Court, I am talking about you, too.) One can only hope that all those in favor of thinking a little harder about things, about willing to be challenged, get out the vote in November.


12 thoughts on “Does voting for Obama make you sexist?

  1. Michelle

    I could not agree with every point you made more if I tried. America is so obsessed with extremes in everything from politics on down (or up?) it is ridiculous.

  2. Molly

    I loved that article. I am a big Obama supporter and resent the implication that I am a gender traitor because of it. Of course I would love to see a female president, but I am not going to vote for a woman solely because she is a woman. I simply don’t like Hillary, and for the same reasons as Elinor Lipman, incidentally.

    I also don’t think women should promote the idea of voting for Hillary just because she’s a woman. It diminishes Hillary’s qualifications. Paris Hilton could run for President. Am I supposed to vote for her because she’s a woman? That argument is sexist in itself.

  3. mike golch

    again the age old adage is one better that the other,I think that both Hillery and Obama will make a great president.
    It all boils down to who can get the most co-operation between the president can work milicles unless they have help.
    President Carter wanted to make changes as does Senators Clinton and Obama,Mr carter did not get the support from the public to pressure their congressmne and senators to help the that is not done than we will have a who will be an utter failure and the other guys will be back for business as usual.takeing care of the ultea rich and the corporations.

    Senator Clinton made a statement that we have become more dependant on foreign oil since 9/11/01. Well when you have a president who is beholding to the oil producing countries such as Saudi Arabia for bailing him out of his disasters of business attempts.then is elected to the presidency,the markers are called in and there are increased oil prices and increased prices at the pumrs and companies posting record profits and no one is getting reigned in,what do you expect.


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