First, originally uploaded by BipolarLawyerCook.

Seen today on a walk through the Arnold Arboretum. Hope for spring springs eternal.


11 thoughts on “First

  1. thordora

    it fucking well better before I throttle winter. It snowed. AGAIN. This morning was a howling blizzard, and yet the little bastard squirrl was still outside stealing birdfood.

    Spring, please, at least WRITE!

  2. CTJen

    Nice! I’ve been hearing robins out there in the trees, so I know they’re here, but I haven’t actually SEEN one. Hurry spring!!!

  3. Anali

    Spring is coming!!! Such a beautiful picture. Just a little while ago, I heard a different bird singing. I’m not sure what it was, but it’s new. The birds are back in town! : )

  4. jess

    paul and i saw a robin on saturday morning when we took the dogs out together…i looked at it…and he saw me looking. he said, “that’s a good sign!”



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