Gluten-free fusilli with pesto, potatoes, & green beans

Lest there be any question of my ability and/or willingness to cook a vegetarian meal, I present to you tonight’s supper, based upon an idea from a Mark Bittman recipe in one of his The Minimalist cookbooks.  It’s pretty straightfoward, and made with mostly pantry items– Trader Joe’s brown rice fusilli, tossed with a jullienned Boston Organics potato, browned in olive oil, salt and pepper, along with frozen green beans.  Before adding the pasta to the saute pan, I added some cream I happened to have in the fridge and some Amore pesto-in-a-tube, adjusted the seasoning, and added the pasta to toss & coat.  The gluten free pasta soaks up sauce even faster than its wheaten cousin, so I ended up adding a ladle-full of the (salted) pasta water to moisten things up.

It was so savory I didn’t grate any cheese on it.  If you don’t have cream, just add the pesto with some pasta water– it’ll still taste wonderful.


9 thoughts on “Gluten-free fusilli with pesto, potatoes, & green beans

  1. alejna

    Yummy. I love me some vegetarian pasta. I’m not sure I’ve had potato on my pasta before. But seeing as I love potatoes in just about anything, I bet I’d love it. And pesto and cream are my friends, too.

  2. Angelina

    I never doubted your ability to cook a great vegetarian meal! (Not that you were speaking of me necessarily) This looks so good! I don’t have those particular noodles but this is one of those recipes that seems so easy to just make whatever substitutions you have and you’ll still get something great.

    I’m hungry now!


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