Coming soon

The metallic air of almost spring
smells of fresh dirt and possibility
there’s no greenery, yet, but that yet
hangs there, and perfumes the air,
like the first magnolia bud.
It’s coming, says that after-rain, ozone smell.
It’s coming, says the sixty-degree February air,
caressing your face, a preview of spring.


7 thoughts on “Coming soon

  1. mike golch

    yesterday it was in the high 40’s then by this morning it had dropped to the low 30’s and is supposed to go into the teens tonight.Thats winter,But soon the spring time will be here.

  2. Mariposa

    I have the SUN in place whole year round, yet the past days it had been raining…and I did not like it…how much more when it snows? LOL

    I have an Excellent Award for you..

    Hope you are WELL now!


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