Overwrought hypochondriac feeble whiny deathwatch, day 3

Well, my fever has mostly broken, so I can now leave my sock-stealing bed to lounge instead on the couch while every internal organ in my body tries to escape through my trachea. Honestly, the way this cough is carrying on, I’m wondering if I grew an extra set of lungs for enhanced hacking power. The Better Half, however, has been so kind as to still come within 10 feet of me, and to ask with a sexy leer, “What’s that intoxicating fragrance you’re wearing?” (Altogether now…) “Vicks Vap-O-Rub.”

Fortunately, my life sustaining supplies of cough drops and magazines, herbal tea, tissues, and cookbooks are nearby to comfort me. (The whole clip is long, the “life sustaining supplies” bit is right at the start.)


11 thoughts on “Overwrought hypochondriac feeble whiny deathwatch, day 3

  1. amy

    I have fallen ill too
    perhaps from blogosmosis
    I have to travel on friday
    feel better- I am off to search for high vit c dosing

  2. Mariposa

    I have allergic rhinitis…and it’s also killing me. Hope you get better very soon!

    I tag you, but that is not so important… 😉 I have a rose for you…happy hearts day!

    I’m glad to meet you here…(relate that to your previous post!) 🙂

  3. Mary Ann

    Make the Other Half go to the store immediately. Make him purchase the new Puffs tissues with Vicks. Now. Make him throw on the shoes and hit the road, snowstorm or not. Go Other Half Go, BPLC REALLY NEEDS THESE TISSUES.

  4. jenB

    guitar strings! that is what I have been missing. I am late on the comments here, but I also ended up getting viral pneumonia and they actually gave me inhalable corticosteroids to help me breathe. After near three weeks, I think I will live. Even without the corn meal.



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