Melodramatic deathwatch, day 2

This flu? With the hacking, hacking cough? And the headache? And the fever? It stinks. Thank goodness for YouTube, and 200+ Scarecrow & Mrs. King clips. WHY ISN’T THIS SHOW ON DVD YET? FIRST THEY CANCEL FIREFLY, THEN THEY DON’T PUT MY LEE STETSON ON DVD? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE NETWORKS? Cheee-rist. ‘Scuse me. Still feeling a little feverish, and vulnerable.


12 thoughts on “Melodramatic deathwatch, day 2

  1. mike golch

    Hey kiddo please get well soon. there are a lot of shows that are on DVD that I would like to have but being on a fixed income and still have a housenote to pay,well I guess this shows where my finance senceabilty lies.important things first.Heck I still have my oln nintendo games.and I mean the first nintendo.

  2. ApK

    amen…this year’s round of the flu has laid me out completely – more sleeping than waking, more aching than anything else – I too have found solace on the interwebs and the endless stream of nostalgic tv shows…

    hope you feel better soon – i’m wrapping up day three with this plague and am definitely on the mend. which isn’t to say that i wouldn’t sell my soul to never ever be sick like this again!

  3. Just Me

    This flu is one of the worst I’ve seen in 7 years of healtchcare. Practically everyone has had it and everyone has had the same story with fevers and fatigue and painful coughing, etc.

    Get lots of rest. Your body won’t let you consider otherwise….


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