Drugs, man

I am still titrating down from the Effexor XR, which means that just as I’d gotten over my last round of withdrawal headaches, I’ve started another.  And that I will be sleepy and weepy and cranky, too boot, for the next two weeks.  But it’s not all bad news.  My reintroduction to a mere 37.5 mg, on my way to none, and a lithium-only regimen, means that I have about four months’ worth of 75 mg capsules that I no longer need.

Since this stuff’s too expensive to flush, and since I will be such a wench the next two weeks that I could use the karma points, I will gladly give the remnants of my Happy Stash to a random reader.  Since it’s the weekend, I will hold open comments on this until Tuesday morning, at which point I’ll put everyone’s names in a hat and send the winner an email.  (If you’d rather not comment, baring your SSRI dependence to the world, you can send me an email instead.)  Maybe passing on the happy will help the cranky pass faster.


13 thoughts on “Drugs, man

  1. nyjlm

    I’m switching from paxil to zoloft right now- and very happy to realize that I won’t have tons of paxil leftover. So glad I didn’t refill!

  2. Dennis

    Oh no thanks! I swore off the SSRI’s ages ago. They were a beautiful study of chemically induced indifference. Plus, the sexual side-effects were insufferable. Actually, I try to stay away from any and all mood altering substances since they can serve as a trigger for me. Unfortunately, I’m destined to experience life in the raw. Perhaps that’s not so unfortunate. I’ll let you know.

  3. magpie

    No need here, but I love that my daughter is the result of an IVF cycle with almost all donated drugs – and I had leftovers to pass along. Karma indeed.

  4. Dory

    This is so cool of you to do this! In this post, I mentioned a friend that did that for me once and I was so grateful. Mega Karma points pour vous. You rock AND roll.

  5. Just Me

    Important note: as you obviously know, Effexor can be a bugger to get off. You might want to hang onto the pills until you’re sure you don’t need to open the capsules and dump about half of the “beads” out for a while. I think I actually did that and then down to 1/4th.

    I cut Effexor XR twice. The first time I don’t remember being too bad except for panic attacks. The 2nd had a lot of headaches and brain zappy things.

    It’s obviously possible to get off from 37.5 and live through whatever comes up, just be prepared that there is a possiblity it won’t be completely easy.


  6. TIV: the individual voice

    That is really nice of you. Amazing all the meds people are on, including me. I tend to dump in the toilet when I’m done with something, just for the ritual of getting it out of my life, usually because it has done some harm. I’m all mood stabilizers now all the time. My SSRI days are thankfully over. But I could always use an extra Valium. Don’t know anyone who would part with those.


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