Only human

It’s true, you know.
We are,
each and every one of us,
only human. It’s all we are.

Ours is not to leap
tall buildings in a single bound,
or to manage everything,
perfectly, all the time.

What is ours, those who are
altogether only human,
besides to err, is to also
forgive, forget, and love.

Our mere human’s lot is also to invent,
to sing hymns, to cry out our grief,
to cure diseases,
to make stained glass.

Ours is only to write poems,
capture the sun on canvas,
and share jokes so funny
we cry. A human thing.

We may mess up.
We may lie to others,
and worse,
to ourselves.

We only humans
yet do great things, so as
we forgive others,
we can also forgive ourselves.

We are, all, only human.
Only is not limiting.
Only is all potential,
confined in only human form.

Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love.


12 thoughts on “Only human

  1. Jenn @ Juggling Life

    I really liked the way Elizabeth Gilbert was able to make a totally non-spiritual person like myself relate to why one might be so driven to undertake a spiritual quest.

    Frankly, four months in an Ashram in India sounds like four months in the Gulag to me, but I’m glad it worked for her.

  2. morgetron

    Actually … as you know … I am a robot.


    And, I finally got around to updating your address on my site so the steady flow of traffic that you will as a result receive will be here any day.



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