A lovely beginning, with only two small bumps

So, I finished the research part of my freelance assignment, and started doing the interviewing and on-site research today. It was so fun, so low-key, and felt so natural. I loved it. People were really open to being interviewed, were really interested in the article and the other subjects of the article, and were interested in taking my card both to watch for the publication date, as well as to pass on to their manager/owner as appropriate. One of the managers actually called me to tell me about another potential interviewee. Yay, community!

There was only one catch. When I got home, I was leaning over the sink to slather on more Eucerin, noticing as I did so that the third button of my flannel shirt (yeah, my work uniform– jeans, a flannel shirt, and clogs) was open, giving me a full view down my shirt. Of course, most of my interviews had been conducted leaning forward, on my elbows, over counters. Giving my interviewees a full view of my assets, such as they are. Ah well, at least I was wearing my sexy black bra.


18 thoughts on “A lovely beginning, with only two small bumps

  1. jess


    that’s like going to the restroom…only to find your zipper is already DOWN.

    how long has it been like that? who did i talk to? OMG!!

    or looking in the mirror and realizing a little chunk of spinach from your spinach ravioli with butter sage sauce is STUCK YOUR TEETH…



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