Sometimes there’s nothing like mineral oil

In the midst of winter, rainy, cold, living in a leaky home with forced hot air, my skin gets dry. Add to that rosacea, and the fact that my lovely meds make me mildly dehydrated most of the time, and come this time of winter, I am a one-woman-itchathon. Raised red bumps? Check. Stinging, chapped sensation? Check. My normal array of oils and lotions no longer do the trick. Say hello to my little friend, Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Cream.

It’s greasy. It’s heavy. And it soothes, when nothing else will. I have to put it on right when I get out of the shower, or it just sits on the skin all day, but doing that, and taking another 10 minutes before getting dressed in order to let it sink in, so I can avoid the scratch, scratch, rub, scratch that otherwise characterizes my fidgets.

(And get your mind out of the gutter. I know what you were thinking when you read the title of this post.)


18 thoughts on “Sometimes there’s nothing like mineral oil

  1. Prof. J

    I don’t know about lithium breath (other than the fact that my mother had it for years until they took her off of lithium), but I do know–from years of living in the midwest–that curel is good for between eucerin times. Also, have you tried fish oil (pills not lotion)? Hey, maybe the fish burps would help with the lithium breath!

  2. mike golch

    Dry skin sucks.I was on lithium for a whlie but had to stopp it was playing hell with my system.
    I have to watch my medications closely I was on dialantin for so long as a child and as an adult and that I have to do breathing treatments and other oral streiods have not help me as far as side effects,like developing osterporosis.Don’t laugh men do get certain probles that are normally associated with women,for instance we mear mortals can develope breast cancer as women do.
    Wht the heck there is just one cromosone difference between men and women any way,I think.

  3. Meegan

    I LOVE Eucerin. I slather it on religiously every. single. day. of my life. Even on my booty, as my college roommate still likes to remind (and tease) me. After having a baby I discovered Aquaphor. It’s similar to Vaseline but it has some kind of magic potion in it. It works SO well on dry, cracked cuticles. And crusty feet, too. Wow, I can paint a pretty picture, can’t I?

  4. Ed the Gent

    Eucerin could make a rhino’s skin feel dainty.

    and to answer your question:

    I second your “thank goodness.” There is nothing more infantile and godforsaken than a natty backpack used by a fine Gent (who I presume your better half is).

    As for replacing the bag: A benevolent relative sent me a messenger bag from Levenger as a holiday gift. You could also purchase a nice vintage briefcase (via ebay or), or a pricey bag from Coach, or even from LL Bean, who have a fine selection of bags.

    Any bag will do, as long as it is not one of those demeaning rolling briefcases I see so many sorry clods roll about as they go to work.

    I hope this helps,

  5. sarah

    hi there- i found your site by following the trail from LetterB to Jenand Tonic’s. but i absolutely associate with the few posts that i have read so far that you have written. i will continue to read.

    i have a blog as well- i think i have maybe 9 readers (wish i came from a bigger family!)

    if you are so inclined to read, i would love your feedback. my friends and family seem to treat my blog as a way to know what’s going on with me, but are not so great at posting a comment to let me know they’ve come to visit my headspace. (ah, bring on my BP resentment, unfair tho’ it may be…)

    so here’s me, and i look forward to reading more of your great writing. thanks!

  6. nyjlm

    I’m always surprised when we visit NY in the winter at how quickly my skin gets parched. That extra humidity in the air down here is good for something I guess.

  7. jess

    cigarettes oughta ax that lithium breath. along with some coffee and garlic rice.

    who smells lithium breath now?

    you know i jest. i’m feelin’ punchy today…

  8. jenB

    I use something called Atractain, made by Sween. I usually have to ask for it behind the counter. It doesn’t smell good, but it doesn’t smell bad. IT is the ONLY thing that works on my feet. I learned about it in the diabetic clinic.

    i also use a pedicure paddle on my feet, but DRY. Another recommendation by the diabetic foot clinic.

    I could talk about feet for too long. Sheesh,

  9. Mrs. G.

    My daughter has a skin disorder that is much improved by Eucerin, Aquaphor, polysorbhydrate and others. If you need any lotion information, seek me out. I know plenty.

  10. Emily

    I read the title as “There’s nothing like mineral water” and didn’t realize I’d gotten it wrong until you said to get my mind out of the gutter.

    Does that mean I have no gutter?

  11. nancy

    Another reader with suggestions: Add the supplement Barlean’s Omega Twin Oil, try Aveeno Bath Oil, and a mixture of Keri Original and Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion works well to avoid the itching! Sometimes, in the evening, your skin just starts itching and it is time for an early shower and another application of lotion I, too, know a lot about lotions………!

  12. Just Me

    Thanks to naturally dry skin, a huge birthmark that messes with circulation and the sensitivity of my skin on my hands, working in healthcare=harsh soaps many times/day and recent illnesses from both patients and me, not to mention side effects and my new diagnosis meaning I am dehydrated, I truly can empathize. I’ve been using a new lotion from Johnson and Johnson that is incredible, the best lotion I have ever used and I’ve used everything. Most winters I wind up sleeping with Auphafor and socks on my hands. This stuff (green cap) is really thick and absorbs well. It’s just out this year. I truly love it.

    I also have just discovered a body wash by Aveeno that is so thick and goopy you can just tell it’s going to help. It has a blue cap.

    (Too lazy to go look for specifics 🙂


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