How to tell if you’re blogging too much

  • Your spouse follows statements with “you can’t blog that.”
  • You carry the laptop into the bathroom with you while you “meditate.”
  • You carry a notebook with you when you’re off line so you can jot down ideas.
  • You regret not buying stock in Google, Microsoft, and Automattic.
  • Despite failing every language you’ve ever studied, you start learning html and CSS.
  • You consider replacing your laptop with a water-resistant one, so you can blog from the tub.
  • The first thing you check, even before your email, are your comments.
  • You turn down invitations to social activities in order to catch up on your feed reader.
  • You craft a personal ethos/philosophy of blogging for use on your blog; not only do you mean it, you use it.
  • You toy with the idea of starting other blogs, but worry about how it will affect your primary site’s traffic stats.
  • You become so familiar with your keyboard layout that you can type in the dark.
  • You try to bargain about bedtimes– “just one more post!”
  • Your spouse knows more about your online friends than about your coworkers.
  • Your higher power is Al Gore.

22 thoughts on “How to tell if you’re blogging too much

  1. Dory

    Surely there are support groups for freaks like us. But they’re all online, of course. I’ve got my pocket pc set to tell me immediately when I get comments.

    I may have a very serious problem.


  2. mike golch

    My higher power is still God,But I admire Al Gore for what he is trying to get corporate america and our own government to do,Care for the third rock from the sun!
    now than I don’t know if I have a problem with bloggong or nor since I’m mostly at haome any can onlt watch so much tv when you don’t have cable,it all the same old tired stuff especially since the writers and the tv execs cant get their acts together.

  3. Dennis

    OUCH! Some of those stung as I read them. My personal philosophy is I’d rather hang out and chat with a bunch of people I choose to hang out with than with co-workers or family, but only because you can’t pick your co-workers and family!! (well sort of . . . )

    And leave the laptop in the bedroom when you go into the bathroom. Nothing good can come of that.


  4. Mrs. G.

    Whew!! The only one I am guilty of is number three. I do carry a little notebook in my purse for those moments of inspiration.

    I am also guilty of spending many more hours with a pen to paper, but this is really a good thing. Blogging has inspired me to quit talking about writing and actually do it.

    I do have the “southern girl” need to respond to each and every comment, but I am working on letting that go just a little. Melanie is working out a 12-step program for me.

  5. bipolarbear

    Um, I *think* I’ve heard #1 in my house. Maybe just a few times.

    I’m also toying with the idea of getting a smaller camera so I can take it with me places. Toying, for now. Wait ’til I start the new job!

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