I’ll never catch up on my Reader . . .

if you people keep POSTING.  I’m in a tab on your blog, commenting, leaving some love, and out of the corner of my eye, the number of unread posts on my Reader tab goes up!  Up!  I’ve been reading since four o’clock!  That’s two hours, people!  So, knock it off with the cleverness and the sharing of highly personal information and the insightfulness and the LOLCatz links, will ya?  Just for a few more hours.  Agh!  My reader tab just registered that three more posts just got written.

So, a little detente on the internet content?  Kthx, bai 4 now.


10 thoughts on “I’ll never catch up on my Reader . . .

  1. Mary Ann

    I hope my vibes are working. I am sending so many that I might pass out. And I don’t even have enough time to check out cat links because I’m sending so many vibes.

  2. alejna

    I know the feeling.

    However, I don’t feel guilty this time, as I’ve barely managed a post a week for the past month. You, on the other hand, have been fattening up my feed reader on a daily basis. (Ha! I lob the guilt right back at ya!)

  3. Mary

    So true! My blog is now getting up to 100 visits a day and I just started doing this in October. I love it!! But I’m torn because I’d rather READ all the other goodies out there sometimes than tend to mine. Like this post and the one about being a real live author. It will feel great seeing your name as a byline!!! When I wrote my one and only NYTimes column, I couldn’t sleep all night in anticipation. I wrote a Vows column and all I could think about was the fact that Barbra Streisand once said that was the first things she read every Sunday!!! Babs was reading my stuff.


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