A web surfin rut … I iz in it.

I have cleaned up my Reader and actually made it through the backlog of posts y’all have been so prolifically posting.  And then I was, like, uh? where next?  So!  Recommendations of sites you like would be much appreciated!  They can be silly or serious, business or leisure, food or photos or whatever… just looking for some new parts of the web to surf.  Thanks!


7 thoughts on “A web surfin rut … I iz in it.

  1. nyjlm

    I accidentally clicked “mark all as read” last night when I meant to hit “refresh” on my google reader. I was oddly bereft for a few minutes when it said 0 new posts. sniff. I realized that I’d already read most of them and felt better.

    Have you seen this new photosite? http://shuttersisters.squarespace.com/home/

    I’ve been enjoying Christine Mason Miller’s new blog http://sparkletopia.squarespace.com/, especially the wonderful quotes she’s been posting.

    http://www.thingstobehappyabout.com/ is kind of a fun place too. I have the google widget on my homepage, and definitely smile at most of the ideas/thoughts.

  2. Grandy

    I didn’t know it was possible to run out of sites! I’m impressed!! I am a fan of http://onthecurb.wordpress.com/ as she is a nutty squirrel indeed.

    Other than that…your blogroll is quite impressive and I’m not quite sure where to send you. I think you already comment at my few blogrolls. (thanks for adding me by the way) 😉


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