Feeling the love

I’m a bit behind in saying some heartfelt thank yous to some folks who’ve been kind enough to pass on some awards they well deserved to me. So, without further ado…

Mariposa at Mariposa’s Tales was awarded a Wonderful Women of the Web award, and talked about how the convergence of her “Real Life” and her life in “Blogland” has changed and affected her. I was especially humbled to get this award, since it’s actually the second time I’ve been so awarded. Marci of Marci’s Myriad Musings gave it to me when she first created the award. I feel much as Mariposa did– I’ve been so surprised, humbled, warmed and humored by the community I’ve been able to become a part of, that you all have shared with me. I try to do my part by keeping up with your posts, and giving back some of the humor, love and insight that you’ve shared with me.

Mrs. G of Derfwad Manor is one of those bloggers who ought to have $500.00 for every time she featured other bloggers on her site– which would hopefully free her to do more writing on the personal and the humorous, the serious and the silly. Mrs. G’s writing is always worth a read, whether it be for another tutorial in the if I strike it out I didn’t really say it method, a paean to her great kids, or anything else her incredible imagination comes up with. She’s truly generous with her links to others’ sites, her visits and comments to the sites she reads, and is a community-builder of the first order. Thanks, Mrs. G!

NYJLM at So Love is Hard . . . is another wonderful woman of the web. I always look forward to reading what she has to write, and to seeing her daily photos at her photo blog, but I also get incredible warm fuzzies when I get a comment from her. I see her comments at other blogs I also happen to frequent, and can say without hesitation that NYJLM’s generosity of spirit shines through in every comment. If you’re having a hard time, she’s got a kind word, and a follow up email, and warm intentions that make themselves felt through the intertubes.

Janet at Fond of Snape received an award originated by The Little Aussie Cynic, who said this in creating the award: “After looking, reading and watching many many Blogs and bloggers I decided to issue some recognition to those fellow bloggers I feel maintain integrity in the Blogs. All these bloggers incorporate within their wonderful sites, an integrity not always seen. They share terrific stories, topics, discussions and images. All Well worth a look.” The award comes in several categories– Creativity, Staying True to Their Beliefs, Social Conscience, and Keeping it Real.

Creativity: Melanie at Beanpaste has a twisted, twisted sense of humor, in all the best ways. Her Crouton Lung post is a classic in the making, but all her posts are worth the Google Reader subscription. I think I am going to have to install a splashguard on my laptop before reading Melanie’s posts and comments– or give up drinking anywhere near my computer. However, at least my nasal passages are nice and clean.

Staying True to Their Beliefs: If you’ve never read Angelina’s posts over at Dustpan Alley, go there right now. This post is archived. It’ll be here when you come back. Angelina writes beautifully about a variety of subjects, from gardening to Urban Homesteading to family to just getting through the day. But there are common threads binding together all of Angelina’s writing– an attempt to find joy and love in life, in little things and large, and a constant striving to find her truth and to tell it. Her honesty and passion for a life truthfully, and therefore joyfully lived are inspiring.

Social Conscience: Adena at Mother Thoughts has a public health background, and she’s not afraid to share it. You shouldn’t be afraid to benefit by it, either. Adena takes to heart that the political is personal, and that public health is personal health. Her thoughts on the news of the day (and her timely commentary thereon) are always thought-provoking.

Keeping it Real: Cricket at Churp! Churp! is the Queen of Keeping it Real. Despite having a lot (and I mean a LOT) on her plate, being a single Mom to a growing boy, maintaining a healthy and respectful relationship with her Ex for her son J’s sake, trying to keep “out there” for her own sake, just getting through this crazy thing called life, and now having Ex be deployed in this endless war, Cricket pulls no punches and tells no bullshit as she tells her tales. Her sense of humor and fairness are astounding, and her determination to make the best of things is inspiring.

Finally, Maddy at Whitterer on Autism received a Madz Skillz award, and was not only kind enough to pass it on and call me “irresistible,” but to single out my attempt to render my own klutziness lyrical as worth reading. I know I’ve shared lots, usually TMI, about my life, but I will note that I have never tried to balance a can on my forehead. I am, however, mightily talented at balancing a spoon on the end of my nose. The originator of the award, Cami, had this to say about why she created the award: “Lately I’ve noticed that a few of my bloggy friends are some pretty talented people both on the internets and off. That’s right. I pay attention. (Occasionally) What I really want to do is honor those of you who are really good at some crazy things with a little award I’m calling ‘Madz Skills Award.” Maddy, I vow not to post any too-little-to-be-read-in-Reader posts for the rest of the week, in gratitude. Thanks!

Where to start? You all have Madz Skillz, or I wouldn’t be reading you! So hard to just pick a few.

Photography: Janet at Fond of Snape & Anne at EB’s World
All-around craftiness and organization, plus silliness: Mary Ann at A Very Mary Design
Nursing an adolescent boy hot on the heels of a successful but seemingly never-ending redecoration project: Marti at Standing Still for Once
Sarcasm to whither even the most obtuse, and Mad Collage Skillz: Krishanna
Down to Earth Drama Mamas: Linda of Straight Up & Slightly Dirty and Painted Maypole
Small Posts with Large Laughs and Cute Kitties: Emily at On Call for Life
Group Blog that Proves Distance Means Nothing to Real Friends: Al, Bridge & Jess at See Hear Speak No Evil
Best Feline Perfume Blogger: Chedwick of Tangled Up in L’Heure Bleue

Thanks, friends, and I hope you like the links!


21 thoughts on “Feeling the love

  1. Linda

    Wow! Cool! Thank you so much! I was so excited when I read your message, I limped over here – left hand on my right handed mouse to thank you. You’ve actually been such an inspiration to me, this award from you means more to me than you know! I will stay true to my Mad Skillz in your honor – right after I get back from the doctor’s office – oh, and after I look into that voice recognition software! HUGGS!

  2. Bridge

    Why thank you! I was totally having a blog blah day and then read your comment.

    I do love blogging with my two best pals. Blogging has kept us closer together considering we are all really busy AND one of us is in a different state.

    I can’t wait to check out the links!

  3. Mrs. G.

    I visit many of these blogs on a regular basis and I think you have most excellent taste.

    Thank you for mentioning me. I have taken great pleasure in participating in our little interweb neighborhood.

    You, my dear, are a juicy peach.

  4. Mary Ann

    Did you just give me an award for ORGANIZATION!? WOOHOO! “Hey mom, did you read that? I got an award for ORGANIZATION!”, she screamed excitedly as she waved her arms around her head in circular motions.


  5. jess

    feeling the love!

    thanks so much, dahling.

    your blog is not to be missed…i often feel incomplete when i haven’t read it.

    mad skillz. LMAO.

    and now, i’ve got some new blogs to check out. i haven’t been to several of these…


  6. Angelina

    I’m a little tardy in saying thank you for giving me a blog award!! I’m two days behind in all my blog reading so have only just come late to the party.

    So- thank you!!

    I’ve been wanting to find some new links to check out to…so I’m off!


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