Mmmm, beef

I was just sitting here, doing vital research for a piece I’m writing, and I heard this ad from the “Beef, it’s what’s for dinner” people. But this was different. I’m already one of those people whose desert island food is a cow, but this ad, it got to me. The announcer was friendly, warm, seductive. This was not my mother’s beef commercial. (Well, of course not, since it wasn’t God talking to me. Yep, goin’ to hell.) I couldn’t place the voice, but I wanted him to come over for beers and burgers. So I Googled, and I found out why I was suddenly consumed with a desire for a breakfast of steak and steak, with a side of steak. Matthew McConnaughey is the new voice for the beef council, replacing Sam Elliott. Now, I think Mr. Elliott is a fine actor, but Matthew? One of my secret boyfriends (TM Mrs. G). Beefcake. It’s who’s what’s for dinner.

According to the official press release, “The campaign change will be signaled by a new and distinct campaign voice that embodies the qualities unique to beef: passion, protein and strength.” Passion and strength? Yep, Matthew’s got those. Protein? I just don’t know. Beef council, I think you need to send your voiceover man over, so I can taste test out the protein part. You can listen to the spot and swoon for yourself here.

Why do I think the beef website is going to be getting a lot more visits? Really, their recipes section of the site ought to just continuously play the radio spots over and over. I’ll surf for HOURS. Or better yet… have Matthew do little recipe videos. Shirtless.

Tofu and lentil council? If you want my attention, you’d better see if Jodie Foster’s looking for some easy work, STAT. And, um, make her look like she did in that scene in “Contact.” Yeah, you know the one I’m talking about.

Mmmm, beef.


13 thoughts on “Mmmm, beef

  1. Ed the Gent

    Although I congratulate Herr McConnaughey for his new role as beef spokesperson, I must admit that I am disappointed to see Sam Elliott depart this venerable position. It was Sam’s mesmeric and euphonious tone on these commercials that would drive me to buy sixty pounds of brisket at a single visit to the butcher’s. Sure, I overbought, but it was Sam’s dulcet voice that drove me to it.

  2. Melanie at BeanPaste

    Back in the day, I used to have a pretty serious thing for MM (doesn’t Melanie MConnaughey just sound MEANT TO BE?) but Byron ruined it by constantly mocking the dude and claiming he was “two bad months” away from being Woody Harrelson.

    What. Ever.

  3. jess

    lol i wish matthew mcconaughey had sam elliott’s voice…mmm…beeefy.

    i like to make beef burgers for dinner like this…

    i cook the burgers in a pan… and i make garlic toast. then i put a slice of provolone or pepper jack cheese on the burgers. i make some onion gravy and then i serve it like an open face sandwich on top of the garlic toast…

    such a manly meal. my son and my man love it!

  4. Maddy

    Me? I’ll eat just about anything, no complaints, just don’t ask me to ‘think’ about what to cook, as that’s always the toughest assignment of all.

  5. Dory

    I’ve admitted to coveting The MM. That ‘love child’ crap he spouted caused a small hiccup in the lusting process, but I think we’re fine now.

  6. Evil Deb

    Oooh…I just heard the commerical and had to make sure it was Matthew…sigh…it was.

    Of course, I like Sam Elliott too…call me old, but do you remember him the movie Mask with Cher? What a fine specificman…especially the scene were he wore a t-shirt that said mustache rides 10 cents!


  7. There's just one me

    No worries on the spelling–perhaps an “extra ‘N’ ” as a double dose of Nice (to look at), Naughty (thoughts), Next (beefy meal). Ah, BBQ season–kabobs, steaks, stirfrys… UM!


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