The benefits of being broken

Sue of SueBob has written a lovely post over at Flawed but Authentic about the impact that being broken has on our ability to live more authentically thereafter.  It reminded me of the thought I’ve been turning over in my head this past year and especially since December.  The thought is this.  Even for all the unhappiness and misery I felt growing up, not knowing what was wrong with me, but knowing something definitely was, and even for all the hard times I’ve had in the last two years, if a genie appeared out of a lamp and told me he could make it as if it had never happened, and I’d always lived a “normal” life, I wouldn’t take it.  For all the sad moments, for all the crazy moments, I think I am a more humane human, more understanding and more likely to cut someone a break when they need it, than I would be otherwise.  So, I’ll keep my crazy, since the prize is compassion.


8 thoughts on “The benefits of being broken

  1. mike golch

    I agree that not changing anythig is a good choise.If I had changed anything in my past,i would not have had the greatest thing in my life.I am happy where I am at right now.Every thing I have gone thru has been a learning experience,as it has been with you!
    I agree I’ll keep my crazyness also.Mike golch

  2. Angelina

    I also agree. I prefer to keep my crazy fairly calm with medication, but the medication doesn’t actually take the good parts of being crazy away (I realize that some meds can do that) and I wouldn’t change a thing.

  3. mike golch

    When I said the greatest thing in my life,I forgot to mention what it was.The Greatest thing im my life is my wife Celestine soon to married 28 years(03/01/08).Of course I had to go thru a marriage that was not a good one.I really got luck my second time around,our wedding is her first marriage.

  4. Jenn

    My philosophy about life is that if you’re happy with who/what you are, you cannot regret any of the experiences that made you that way.

  5. Mariposa

    I echo in agreement! And I always say this, pain is beautiful when one can rise from its depressing power…though while we’re at those moments, we may not agree with it…


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