Excellent reading elsewhere

A serious and thought-provoking post by The Individual Voice about the mental health plight of our most recent war’s veterans.

Jen at Get in the Car! advances the cause of women everywhere taking a moment to say “yes, in fact, I do rock!”

E. at Mmmm, Brains, shares what is my new favorite non sequitur, toddlerism, and all around command. You be the toast.

The Library of Congress has posted some of its mystery photos online at Flickr, in the hope that the public will be able to tag, annotate, and otherwise identify the location and subject matter of each. LOC Blog entry here. LOC Flickr page here.  How incredibly cool!


5 thoughts on “Excellent reading elsewhere

  1. Mariposa

    Oh…I’m at work and my day (or should I say night) is just starting…and those are lovely links. I’ll go back to them again later today…but those were universal concerns…especially the war veterans…we do have those issues here too…and nobody seems to pay attention to them.


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