Things I didn’t know about Michigan

I was not aware that the reason Edwards and Obama did not appear on the Michigan primary ballot was because Michigan broke national rules in moving up their primary date.  Edwards and Obama withdrew from the primary.  Hillary Clinton did not.  Kind of makes her “victory” suspect, despite some talk about how she didn’t really campaign there.


8 thoughts on “Things I didn’t know about Michigan

  1. Al

    NPR was reporting that Obama and Edwards supporters vote ‘no distinction’ or something along those lines so Clinton did NOT get a clear victory in Michigan. Either way, I’m a bit confused as to why states moving their primaries is such a big freaking deal that the DNC decided to punish them.

    Anyone… Anyone…

  2. Sheree

    These are all tricks and cheats to help them win. *they* have them stacked four high. Any four will due. They are also creating chaos on purpose it seems. We’ll see.
    It’s unusual.

  3. Linda

    I think I’ll consult my hubby on that. He’s the one that speaks both Trailertrashese and Talkingheadpolitico – so he can translate what that means to my pea brain.

  4. nyjlm

    as Anne said, FL is also going to be punished. No one is going to campaign here to which I guess I mostly say ‘whatever’. The real punishment is quite upsetting: when the delegates actually vote, FL’s votes will be disallowed. I can’t remember where I read the full extent of the ‘punishment’ but it was sickening. And as I recall, the change was forced by the state’s republican legislature, and yet it is the dems who are getting the spanking. lovely.

  5. mike golch

    I know what I’m about to say will anger some readers
    The Primary moveing is just an other way the certain POLITIAINS who are controled by BIG BUSINESS decide who gets elected.It seems that when the Democrats have a Majority in Congress,The Senate and the executive branch the ecomony seems to benifit the “little” people and the Repubican Party seems to benifit the rich and the corporations.Case in point even though President was a womanizer,he did in fact clear out the debt in this country.the minuite a republican president came to “power”the rich and the corporations were given Tax breaks the burdened to lower middle class and the the poor of this country!Not to mention the trillions of dollars the our country is in debt.


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