Deleting the “democracy” from Democrat

Here’s the latest coverage on NBC’s last-ditch efforts to keep Dennis Kucinich out of tonight’s democratic debate. My personal feelings are, it ain’t over til the general election, and the media’s attempts to keep “fringe” candidates out of the debates on spurious theories including the “it’s our party, we’ll invite who we’ll want to” and “he won’t garner enough votes to make the extra moderation and time worth the effort” are a slap in the face to the principles of democracy. It doesn’t matter if he’s fringe, or not going to get the nomination– he is running, he has support, and he has a right to be heard in the major forum by which political messages are conveyed. And Ron Paul, too. Further, if the candidates in the democratic race don’t have the courage to stand up for Kucinich’s right to be heard, then I guess I know who I am voting for, at least in the primary.


8 thoughts on “Deleting the “democracy” from Democrat

  1. Camellia

    No matter what our political affiliation, we are rooting for Kucinich to be heard. And I am thrilled you know Ron Paul is running…the media certainly doesn’t.

  2. thordora

    They do that here as well. Despite gaining enough votes to be considered, the Green Party still can’t get into the debates. It’s incredibly irritating.

  3. Sara

    I’m for Kucinich already. In fact, he’s the only person running I will vote for. I no longer trust, believe, or agree with any of the others significantly enough to see them as actually better than absolutely all the Republicans.

    When they behave as you have pointed out, cowardly, they just make me feel it even more.

  4. jess

    ever since i saw amy poehler play kucinich on saturday night live, i was completely unable to take him seriously.

    how lame is that?

    hey! at least i’m honest.

    and truth be told (i’m always honest and truthful) i don’t know much about the DK. the media will continue to be a big influence on who gets what coverage and ultimately, who is elected.

  5. jess

    oh and i totally disagree that the media “doesn’t know” that ron paul is running. he gets coverage in our LOCAL media, so there’s got to be some national media coverage.

  6. ApK

    agreed, and i too will be using the primary to show how i *really* feel, whereas the actual election simply boils down to the least of all the likely evils…


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