Fair and balanced

I caught quite a lot of flak for yesterday’s scientific announcement. So, in the interest of fairness and marital harmony, I’d like to clarify that the Better Half always knows where his keys are. He did also say something about empty toilet paper rolls, but I didn’t quite catch that part.


10 thoughts on “Fair and balanced

  1. beanpaste

    Because I am, fundamentally, a petty know-it-all, I am currently keeping a top-secret tally of the toilet paper roll activity in our house. For evidence during a later, inevitable conversation.

    I know.

  2. Mary

    Once upon a time, I believed that gender was a complete cultural construct. Biology? Poo. Then I became pregnant. And had boys and one girl.

    Girls have UTDs: Uterine Tracking Devices. My daughter and I can find anything in the house. The three people with penises stand around, dazed, and wonder where their ju-ju is.

    I’m with you!!!

  3. nyjlm

    Oh Mary, I love you. I too believed in gender as a cultural construct until my first was born.
    My burning gender question is- how on earth can these unobservant creatures actually succeed as say, neurosurgeons? I mean, if they can’t actually find the thing in the fridge staring at them how on earth can they be doctors at all?
    sorry BH and all the good guys out there. Nothing personal.

  4. bipolarlawyercook

    Nyjlm– male neurosurgeons have . . . female nurses to set up the OR for them, and remind them to suture out, and cross check all the sponges and clamps.


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