Your turn

I did this puzzle over the Christmas/New Years week. It was hard. Wicked hard. Who’s next? First commenter gets it– make sure I have your email, or you can email me your street address.


14 thoughts on “Your turn

  1. Ched

    I once rec’d a Marx Bros. puzzle– it was all black and white and the background was swirly thin black lines. Multiple Chicos, Grouchos, Harpos… those lines, those hypnotic lines— My eyes!
    But I can’t NOT finish a jigsaw puzzle…so..

  2. Meegan

    That is gorgeous. If I didn’t have a 16 month old in the house, I’d WANT it. But I would never be able to finish it because by the time it was near completion:
    1. My daughter would be 16 years old instead of 16 months old
    2. I would discover that the final 10 pieces had been consumed by said child.

    I can’t even get through a crappy periodical lately. People magazine anyone? ha.

  3. Dory

    I love it! That’s too cool!

    I don’t want it, because it would haunt me in the middle of the night, I’m guessing. But I certainly admire it!

  4. Alesia

    Wow. I’m impressed. I still have an unopened Sistine Chapel ceiling puzzle in my garage (I think when finished, it’s something like 6 feet long). I think, at this point, I may need to save it for retirement.

  5. michael golch

    Great Puzzle,and I thought the one I did that has the SF Ca. skyline was hard. My hats off to you.Mike Golch


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