BlogHer 2008 Conference

Alternately titled, Anyone need a kidney? I’ve got a nice, healthy female kidney for sale. I registered for the conference, and gasped in pain as I registered for a room at the conference hotel, the Westin St. Francis. The Better Half said I ought to spend the money to stay at the conference site, since I didn’t want to miss the off hours socializing, but still! I know they got a reasonable rate, I can tell just looking at the hotel website, but, but, but… there’s a Days Inn in the Castro, a half a mile away, totally walkable, that says would be half the price. Anyone else want to set up at an alternate, cheaper hotel and learn to stumble back from the Westin drunk after midnight? It’ll be fun!


9 thoughts on “BlogHer 2008 Conference

  1. Amy Turn Sharp

    or you could split the westin with a loony from Ohio who is seriously thinking bout getting her butt out there too!:)I keep watching Skybus for the day they put summer flights up

  2. Linda

    …um from what I read about Blogher participants, you’d better find a different organ to sell. You’ll need that kidney for all the drinkin!

  3. Melanie

    I kinda, sorta want to go. But I am very, very reluctant, for fear of social awkwardness and not-knowing-ness and general anxiety. I’d love to meet you, though.

  4. Who She She

    I’m still considering going, although we haven’t got the proverbial pot to… you know. I think I need to talk myself into it. And I’m all for stumbling drunk after midnight. It’s been awhile, but I’m sure it’s just like riding a bike.

  5. Jen M.

    You’re going?? I can’t wait! i haven’t registered yet but will at the end of the month (read: payday)I can’t wait to meet you!!

  6. Liz D.

    Hi! Since I live within commute distance, I’m probably not going to stay at the hotel (didn’t in 2005 & 2006, either) — but I’m waiting to register until I know a bit more about the darling daughter’s summer schedule.

  7. andrea

    I reallly REALLY wish I could go but it is right before our big trip to Scandinavia. Grrr. I concur above and would love to meet you in person and a whole bunch of other bloggers! Maybe next year…


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