Yays and Boos

I just got an email back from an Etsy seller about a custom order for my BIL’s wedding. It’s going to be really affordable, and beautiful, and different from what everyone else is getting them.
It’s sunny and over 30.
Mom seems to be coming down, bit by bit. The Abilify is slower than the Seroquel.

My shrink forgot to call in my lithium refill. I left her a voice mail on her cell (small Yay that I have her number) and hope she’ll get back to me today, since I will be out after tonight. At least she is a staff member at the nearest hospital, so my records will be in the computer if I have to go to the ER for an interim prescription.
I have a fierce withdrawal headache from titrating down on my Effexor, which was making me start to get manic.
I am still WICKED backed up from this damned lithium. Any and all tips for staying hydrated will be much appreciated. I’m already drinking 4-5 Britta pitchers a day. It’s getting ridiculous– I’m always in the bathroom to pee, but the rocklike bowels persist. (True sign of getting old– one’s regularity becomes a constant preoccupation.)


15 thoughts on “Yays and Boos

  1. savia

    4-5 Brita pitchers a day? Wow. I don’t know how much more hydrated a person could get, unless you get some kind of sensory deprivation chamber where you soak in water all day ;)Are you allowed to take psyllium for the constipation (ie Metamucil)? I find it works very well, but I don’t know if it would interfere with the absorption of the lithium or not.Wishing you all the best.

  2. Cricket

    I’m so glad your mother is getting it together. I wish Abilify had worked for me; gave me tremors for several months instead.Although I now realize that Lithium must be what makes me thirsty, I don’t have other problems from it. And I am not needing to drink nearly as much water as you. I hope you figure out something.The name of Effexor always has cracked me up. Say it with a monster truck rally voice – E – FEXXX – ORRRR – and it sounds like a superhero or something. Good luck coming off. That’s one I never took. Love the Seroquel for sleep, though. Love. It makes life worth living.

  3. Mike Golch

    Lithium sucks,make sure your liver funtions are Ok.I had to stop useing that one due to a problem for me.As for the can’t go the other way try miralax its over the counter and does work.Mike Golch

  4. Meegan

    Tried Smooth Move tea? Papaya enzyme? And good old prunes are good too. Well, not “good” as in tasty (to me anyway) but “good” as in they help…motivate. You could always take up smoking. (I kid.)

  5. nyjlm

    hope you got your Rx. I forgot my pills once when I went away for the weekend and was freaking out till I reached the p-doc subbing for my doc that weekend. I don’t think I exhaled until I picked up the pills at CVS. That sounds like an amazing amount of water. What about trying a colace? My aunt used to recommend sitting on the toilet and thinking lots of thoughts about gravity. Hope that makes you chuckle- I do every time I remember that convo.

  6. standing still

    I love my depakote. Doesn’t seems to have any g.i. affects. And, since there is a family predisposition to things of that nature, I take a daily metamucil (BERRY FLAVOR! life is full of simple pleasures). Yes. We. Are. Old.

  7. TIV: the individual voice

    I find drinking lots of hot green tea with lemon works for me. But what is killing me is the weight gain. New to lithium and the sudden rapid onset of weight is totally depressing, making me consider going off even though this has been the best thing for my moods yet. Planning to try intensive exercise first.

  8. adena

    Try Miralax. It is now non-Rx. My son has been on it for years and it really works for him. It works differently from other laxatives and is not just fiber. Good luck!

  9. Squirrel

    if you like yogurt, try activia –chop up an apple and have it with the vanilla flavor. Also drink several cups of hot lemon water.if it is very serious, use a tiny bit of Senna Leaf tea but still drink some cups of hot waterif it is very very serious, try drinking some actual tap water haha

  10. Emily

    Hubbers gets really thirsty with his lithium too, and he likes drinking Gatorade instead of water. Have you tried that yet? It might help you to retain the water instead of peeing it out again because Gatorade is at the same concentration as your blood, so instead of diluting your blood when you drink it, you’re just taking in some extra volume at the same concentration. You still have to pee more than you would have otherwise, but it’s not as bad as taking in a bunch of water.

  11. CCK

    I’d call your doctor — that much thirst might be good to check out. I found propel to be great: doesn’t have all the sodium or calories as Gatorade. Drink a glass of metamucil every day, start taking oatmeal vitamin tablets. Good luck. I heart lithium – four years strong!

  12. denise w. flickr friend

    Hey, was thinking, that’s a lot of water. Someone above recommended Propel which is a good start, there was another drink I took in my younger Ironwoman days, the name slips my mind, but it was excellent and provided electrolytes and good hydration. Metamucil and Colace will help in the other department. Hope is well and as soon as Superman gets his workers comp $$$, I will send you the photo(s) was it the B&W with the dirt road. that’s still on, I haven’t forgotten. Stay away from the coffee, I don’t think it mixes well with the Lithium. Cheers and take care, see you on flickr.

    SW Denise


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