Justifiable mom-icide

BLC: Your Honor, I had to kill her. She’d gone off her antipsychotic, despite my warnings as an experienced bipolar and my brother’s warnings as a pharmaceutical consultant and researcher, lied to us about finding a new shrink to replace the old one, and was just generally being so obnoxious and irresponsible, despite her Ph.D., that I had to kill her. It was just easier than traveling out from Boston again and again.
Judge: You said she told you that God made her lie?
BLC: Yes, Your Honor.
Judge: You can go. Pick up your community service award at the clerk’s office.

Sigh. Posting here and commenting at your blogs (and I was already behind) may be light for a bit. Just another manic mom-day. I won’t really kill her, but I am furious despite knowing that she can’t be reasoned with until she’s stabilized. I’m siccing the Department of Mental Health on her. Three frank manic episodes with psychotic, delusional, and now, New and Improved Paranoid Features, in less than a year, is two too many.


19 thoughts on “Justifiable mom-icide

  1. nyjlm

    Oh no 😦 I’m so sorry. I wondered how things were going for her. Take care of yourself first- just like they say on the airplane.

  2. Linda

    …but wait! If you order right now, we’ll throw in 27 Ginsu blades, and some grain alcohol – for your added entertainment! As you say… remember, it could be worse!

  3. alejna

    Oof. I wish you strength and a speedy end to the visit.I did enjoy your little bit of courtroom drama dialog, though.

  4. Emily

    That is horribly frustrating. I’m sorry. Hang in there – I’m sending you thoughts of comfort, stability, and resilience. I hope some of them reach your mother, too.Man, I really hate it when Hubbers lies about therapy (just whether or not he has gone – I never ask for details about actual appointments and discussions). It must be extra-frustrating when it’s your mother lying to you.

  5. Melanie

    I’m sorry. This sounds completely exhausting. And just in time for the new year.Wishing you way, way less of The Crazy in ’08.

  6. Meegan

    Wow. I can’t imagine how awful this must be for you. I would be crazy, freaking, livid, frustrated, smashy-smashy pissed. But that’s just me. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. Again. I stay on my meds not just for my own sake, but for the sake of my family. And I always will, for I am certifiable. (Don’t believe me? Ask my husband!)

  7. Mike Golch

    Well let me add this to the mix,no matter what she does to drive you off your rocker at least you have her,I lost my Mom in 2003 to lung cancer,I mis her even if she used to drive me up the wall.Yes our parents can be a pain when the are not on an even keel,but when they are gone they are gone and a Big Hole if left in their wake.Mike Golch said that.

  8. J Morgetron

    I think it is my blog and my blog alone that saves my sanity (what little there is of it anyway). Praise GOD for blogs. -J


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