New Year’s Conundrum

BLC: I’ll pick up some eggs and champagne while I am out picking up L. from the airport.
BH: What do we need champagne for? We have fuzzy water in cans.
BLC: Maybe for you!

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, sane, successful, opportunity-full and obstacle-free 2008.


11 thoughts on “New Year’s Conundrum

  1. Sandy C.

    “fuzzy water in cans”…..ROFL! Happy New Year to you and yours!!!! Don’t forget to shake before serving 😉

  2. nyjlm

    LOL!I’m looking forward to some champers with pomegranate juice tonight. A wonderful, happy and healthy 2008 to you!

  3. Mike Golch

    I wish you a great new year with you other half.My other half and I will be celebrating 28 years married on 03/01/08,not to mention that I’ll be a greatful 56 years old on 01/22/08.


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