Forced treatment for mental illness

Belinda has an excellent and thought-provoking post about forced treatment and medication for mental illness up at Real Mental. The commenters likewise have posted pros and cons. No conclusions, but lots of thoughtful discussion. My post today is a follow up post about my opinion that therapy is a necessary adjunct to medication if treatment is to be effective.


2 thoughts on “Forced treatment for mental illness

  1. cathy

    Thanks for pointing me to that discussion. I liked what you had to say over there today, too.Medication has failed me in the past. Therapists have failed me, too. I’m ready to revisit the medication issue this new year with a new doctor, and I wouldn’t have the courage to try again without the support of my therapist (and husband).

  2. Mike Golch

    well I have been in forced theropy since 1995 when I took a disabilty retirement as a corrections officer.I am now classified as perminately disabled,even if I did go back to the job,my susicide attempts would go back to the level that got me into the situation that I’m in now or somethig even worse could happen.


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